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So how does one get out of debt when they owe more than they get in a year and will never have any more than that?  It is impossible to live on what I get in Social Security.   No matter how hard I have tried to NOT get back in debit since leaving work, I cannot.  It is just a fact that everything costs more than what the paltry $891.00 in my deposit. 

 It is possible for a few to get out of debt but only if they shift the debt to someone else.  It is impossible for everyone to get out of debt.

You are absolutely correct. The question is whether you would rather be in debt or out of debt.

would this involve discharging my debt?

Filing a U.C.C.-1?

@ Byron, Would I give notice to someone specifically about JULIAN or Julian owing or discharging this debt?

I was studying this thread about me the Natural man not owing a debt that my strawman was tricked into.

I certainly want to get out of debt. and I want my employer to pay me all my pay and the govment to send me everything I've ever paid into the system.

It is projected that Crown Funding Projects are going to receive 20 billion dollars in donations in 2015. By creating a project you can carve out a piece of that giant pie. Call me at (951) 282-3271 and I will explain how to get started.


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