Getting an education is like getting the measles. Both are diseases; one effects the mind and the other effects the body. When you recover from measles you return to normal, but the damage done by a public education is likely to create a permanent disability. 

A normal brain is a factory where ideas are processed, but when one attends public school, the brain becomes a warehouse for the storage of useless information. Most children learn how to run, how to swim and how to climb trees, but they never learn how to think. The brain is more miraculous than any computer. It has the capacity to process information and solve most any problem. Unfortunately the brain of the typical high school graduate is programmed to become obedient to the state.

Public education is a system where parents and non parents are forced to pay the government to program the children and turn off the thinking and reasoning parts of their brains. Teaching your children the principles of liberty is your personal responsibility.

Tea\hing your children to listen to their conscience and to always do what is right is your duty.

Sending your children to attend government schools is like throwing fresh meat into a tank filled with hungry sharks.  

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