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It is very difficult to get justice in a kangaroo court, but it can happen if you know who you are and what you are doing. Only those that are able to establish standing have any chance of being heard and winning their case.

The key to establishing standing is to first question the jurisdiction of the court. Unless the court has lawful jurisdiction over you, the judge lacks the authority to even hear your case. If the court lacks jurisdiction over you, the court cannot prosecute you.

The people in the United States were to be the masters and the Judges were to be our servants. When you play ball in their court, they make the rules and call the shots. If you are able to establish standing by disqualifying the Judge, he will be forced to play ball in your court and must follow the Constitution and honor his oath.

The Fourteenth Amendment created citizens that are subject to the jurisdiction of the corporate UNITED STATES. The newly created citizens are legally created artificial persons. These entities take the same name as the natural person. You have a name that is written in upper and lower case letters which represents you, and the same name in all capital letters represents the fictitious entity that is subject to the jurisdiction of the corporate UNITED STATES.

We have been tricked into assuming the role as the authorized agent for that artificially created entity. When anyone accepts that role, they become subject to the jurisdiction of the parent corporation which is known as the UNITED STATES.

The UNITED STATES is not a country, it is a corporation, and is subject to Roman Civil Law and is not governed by the Constitution for the "United States", the union of states. The United States of America is a country and it is subject to the Constitution for the United States, and Common Law.

There are no judges serving in Courts of the UNITED STATES, there are only Administrators that represent the corporation, and enforce the codes, ordinances, rules and regulation of the corporation.

The Constitutional Courts operate in Common Law and are subject to the Constitution for the United States. The Kangaroo Courts of the corporate UNITED STATES only have jurisdiction over corporations and your artificially created "strawman".

The Soviet Union and China are, or at one time were, republics, but the laws in those countries were written by the rulers to control the people. In America, the laws were to be written by the representatives of the people to protect the God given rights of the people. You need to know who you are in order to stay out of their courtrooms. When you establish who you are, you establish that the court has no lawful jurisdiction over you. Without standing, the court can not lawfully prosecute you for crimes allegedly committed by your artificially created name sake. You are a real live person and are not subject to the jurisdiction of the corporate UNITED STATES.

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