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Keith Broaders
1230 N Street #510
Sacramento, California 95814
Phone (916) 399-4881

If ten members of the Constitution Club recruited two new members at the end of the first week, we would have twenty new members. If the new members recruited two new members at the end of the second week there would be 40 new members. In the third week we would have 80 new members and if the numbers were to continue to double each week our membership would increase by 10,240 in the 10th week and 41,960 new members in the 12th week. The ten who got the ball rolling would have been responsible for creating 61,360 new members of the Constitution Club in less than 90 days.

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The fourth benefit is that we can raise the money necessary to fund our local chapters of the Constitution Club.

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According to Albert Einstein the definition of insanity is to continue doing what you have been doing and expecting different results. The solution to your financial situation is not found inside the box that the bankers have created to keep you where they think you belong.

We cannot restore our Constitutional Republic until we return to a monetary system based on real money instead of fiat currency.

Call Keith Broaders at (951) 282-3271

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Keith, your absolutely correct. To allow people to continue to pour their life's saving's into an unsound form of banking insane. The only reason people continue to do so, is because they will say is to make sure their funds are safe. From what I'd like to know. Saving accounts are not a safe way to save money, and it's simple to see why. If one put's money in the bank and then wants to withdraw a large amount, say over $1000.00, they are often limited by their bank from making such a withdrawal for daily limits imposed by the very bank they are supposed to trust. When people deposit funds into a bank,they are actually loaning the bank their funds to the bank for a mere 2% typically in interest, that is really a poor choice. The cost of living destroys any gain they think they making, when in fact they really are loosing money as they have been tricked into thinking they are saving. This is direct result of the failure based Central Banking system called the "Federal Reserve Bank". The only way this banking system works is that people are being tricked into thinking this is just the way it is, when it is not true. An Audit of the Federal Reserve would reveal the truth, and you'll find find out there is NO reserve, the Federal Reserve is a clearing house for the orders to allow the U.S. Treasury to print more fiat money which are nothing more the debt based bearer bonds.

Just because the egyptians were the first to make gold into money (or called it money) doesn't mean it's real money, it's still a fiat made in egypt ...and judging by their history and accomplishments there's not much to look forward to ...unless rock, paper, scissors is a game with different and exciting results.

Currency is phoney money that has no value except the people's faith in it. The amount of gold need to purchase a home costing  $3,000 in 1933 would have been about 150 ounces. The of a $180,000 home today would cost approximately 150 ounces of gold. The value of gold has not changed but the price of both houses and gold and gone up because the value of the dollar has gone down.

Fiat means "let it be" (in this case money), so gold is nothing more than a more stable currency... in the year of the egyptians the world population was about a million and even then there wasn't enough gold for one percent, and we've at best hundred-folded the reserve through digging that means there are at least 6 billion too many of us, something I recall one of what's it's name's advisors pointed out.

Oleg, do you, or do not see, that paper "money" can be created out of thin air at the drop of a hat at the whim of a corrupt banking system.

That paper "money" is a true fiat form of "money" a purely false form of "money". Gold can only be mined and refined from gold bearing ore, it cannot be created out of thin air, in fact it takes a super nova explosion, read that as a huge star to create gold, and all the gold in the universe is the hugely ancient remains of a super nova explosion, so in other words only the universe, some call it God, can create gold. You need to understand this, in the study of physics and all currency is just a legal fiction. Then you might understand that fiat means fake, over valued "money". A false God can create fiat "money", the banks have been doing so since the dawn of mankind.

Eric, money is whatever we accept it to be started with gold then changed to whatever was more readily available, going back to the gold standard is going against Einstain's theory of relativity, it'll only get worse if we don't learn from history...The gold standard is like the quantum theory, existence via some god banging our heads against each other, and using more readily available objects means this god will bang us against each other that much faster and more frequently ...that's why human kind (must) populates like bugs now.

As far as super novas go, one of the heavier elements they created was uranium ...some people tried to turn that into money too, still do.

There are some people in the world that will accept coconuts as money and in other places the people might accept brightly colored feathers or horse manure. In most places gold and silver are acceptable token to be used to engage in commerce.

You've got that right Keith, manure money is preferable to uranium ...and the only reason gold is accepted is the few who started trading with it (with people of other lands) filled the compensation void before real compensation was established ...amassed with the shiny crap (of which I am fairly sure was originally scarce to non-existent in egypt) they were able to convince the locals to trade with it, and before the rest of the population could tap three times those with gold became god and gov't... and strangers of adversity became much more common than strangers for diversity.
Oleg, Uranium is a natural element in all of it's forms, and as long as it wasn't purified it posed no real threat in it's diluted form. But Plutonium isn't truly natural, at one time Dr. Glenn Seaborg discovered Plutonium and all that was estimated to exist on Earth was a pin head sized amount. It wasn't long before that was fashioned in to what is now a huge amount of a very dangerous element.

The thing about "money" is it too isn't natural at all. It is only a medium for exchange for goods and services that people slave away to work for something that people have become a customed to trading as a unit for exchanged products and services. Money isn't a real measure of wealth at all, it's only what others are willing to provide services and goods for in a barter based economy, which is what we have today, and always have for thousands of years of history.

In any case I trust Gold and Silver as a unit for trade for services rendered and goods provided far more then a piece of paper with fancy ink images on it. You can't print Gold or Silver, and it has a history of value not only in industrial uses, but a multitude of other useful products.

As far as that goes, Federal reserve notes do have a certain function in the bathroom, and they can be flushed down the toilet in a far less harmful way then any nuclear waste could ever be. Just a thought...and if one does flush those notes down a toilet it won't endanger other life forms on the planet to point of a planet wide event.
Eric, everything we look at is made of star dust... if we don't dilute the poor man with brains will remain chained unless he is a math genius and lucky, like Jacob... so the world would never reach the age of Galileo and the rest of us would still be communicating within cells instead of via cell phones.
The point is all money is fake currency... all money is, is a currency that replaces the current of life.
Oleg, your right of course. But I pitty the fools who can't see any form of currency for what it truly is. "Money" is just a unit of exchange upon for goods and services. "Money" is only a form of socially agreed upon units of exchange for goods and services both parties accept under the social contract we live under today, and it's fundamentally never been changed.

If one doesn't accept the offered units due to a lack of faith in the unit offered for an exchange, and that unit is entirely based upon the full faith in that unit of trade, then full faith is a heck of a way to base any currency or an economy.

When the full faith is lost, so is the value of the currency. Which is why the global monetary system is now where it is today. Ever try to buy a cup of coffee based on faith alone? Probably not without faith in the offered unit of exchange.

This is why we need to audit the Federal Reserve Bank, it is #1) not an agency of the Federal Government. #2.) It only gives the order to the treasury to go ahead and print more faith based units of exchange backed by nothing more then full faith.#3.) If parties can't find enough faith in an offered unit of trade, then that unit looses value, this is what is the cause of inflation, which is really just a measure of loss of value in offered units of exchange. #4.) This can't last forever. #5.) There is no way a future generation can be indebted for the past debt that they did not have any choice in being forced into to begin with, and that is a real form of slavery. When future generations repudiate the debt being forced upon them, we end up in revolutions which aren't always such a bad deal after all. This was the foundation for the first revolution in what became the United States.

And then there was the civil war, which was NOT based upon ending slavery at all. It was based in a large part, by economic issues that divided the North from the South, the northern states were into industrial manufacturing on a large scale, and the Southern States were largely into agricultural forms of farming requiring cheap manual labor, which at that time relied upon slavery to reduce costs.

Purely from a historical point of view, this was why the civil war was really fought. Then in the nineteenth century, due to the poor wages in America, Labor Unions became popular as employers sought to enrich them selves off of the sweat equity of the manual labor that the rich relied on for their means of getting rich off of their employee's labor as cheaply as possible. In many ways, Unions were a direct result of the inequity of the manual labors of the employee's vs the rich classes that relied on low wages to compete in the market place for the products they manufactured. So what is taught today in the schools isn't really the true history of America today, but a "cooked" set of history books, to keep the people as dumb as possible in order to retain control over the masses, and the rich like it that way and always will.

The real secret the Federal Reserve has to keep as quiet as possible, is there truly in no reserve at all, just smoke and mirrors, the people don't seemingly care about indebting future generations, as long as we get our's now.

Yes Eric, the monetary unit is of arbitrary value always assigned by it's far away (and who knows from where) CENTRAL makers, these days under the guise of "the market", the unit has static attributes hence creates statism ...during American founder's days many stores kept a record of IOU's, that system didn't last long for it endangered the businesses, loans "grew" it, and like you said the north states had the money the south states had corn and cotton's all upside down of right, where greed is agreed... and the UN is today's "union" of nations, same folks that live by the quantum or butt head theory ...the only way to change (as in prevent) tyranny is BEFORE it "blossoms, otherwise it's a slow and painful existence or death for nearly all of our children.


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