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Keith Broaders
1230 N Street #510
Sacramento, California 95814
Phone (916) 399-4881

If ten members of the Constitution Club recruited two new members at the end of the first week, we would have twenty new members. If the new members recruited two new members at the end of the second week there would be 40 new members. In the third week we would have 80 new members and if the numbers were to continue to double each week our membership would increase by 10,240 in the 10th week and 41,960 new members in the 12th week. The ten who got the ball rolling would have been responsible for creating 61,360 new members of the Constitution Club in less than 90 days.

If each of the 61,369 members each purchased one gram of gold per week, the Constitution Club would be earning a finders fee on the purchase of a minimum of over 60,000 grams of gold per week.

The individuals who choose to participate can become affiliates and can get paid for inviting their friends to join the Constitution Club and the Karatbars Gold Savings Plan.

By participating in the Karabars program we can accomplish four very important goals.

First, we can help our members acquire gold.

Second, we can help our members preserve the future buying power of their dollars and:

Third we can help the members exchange Federal Reserve Notes for real gold while protecting them from the inevitable collapse of the paper dollar.

The fourth benefit is that we can raise the money necessary to fund our local chapters of the Constitution Club.

If you would like to acquire gold, retain the future value of your assets and earn a generous compensation you should consider becoming a Karatbars affiliate .

Please go to the following website and sign up for a FREE account to get started as a Karatbars affiliate.

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According to Albert Einstein the definition of insanity is to continue doing what you have been doing and expecting different results. The solution to your financial situation is not found inside the box that the bankers have created to keep you where they think you belong.

We cannot restore our Constitutional Republic until we return to a monetary system based on real money instead of fiat currency.

Call Keith Broaders at (951) 282-3271

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A precedent was set two years ago when the banks- in order to save the currency of a small countr ies banking system- simply withdrew 10% of every bank account holder's deposits in the banks of that country, was it Cypress?

How much of a wait is it until ultimate greed has the elitists perform that magical trick on all US citizens?

 All in the name of the greater good. Where these politicians get their scripts for this play? From the book Atlas Shrugged?

Oleg, once again you are correct, and slavery today is still here,in the form of debts that can never be paid, like the national debt. This is truly the problem, and it's all because of the Federal Reserve and the member banks which are wide spread, and the banks handle billions of dollars of ill gotten gains such as drug money, terrorists, and Drug Cartels, and you never hear one word about that in the lame stream media.

The Federal Reserve is a clearing house for all of the above, and if the media asked about that it would be the end of a reporters career and likely that reporter or media outlet would disappear quite suddenly, so no way will you ever here about that in the media.


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