A hungry lion cannot eat an elephant all by himself, but an army of ants can finish the job in just a few minutes. We need to become an army of liberty minded warriors to restore our Constitutional Republic. In order to defeat the crime syndicate we must do so one county at a time.

Thousands of liberty minded individuals need to come together in each and every county. We need to create county networks where the people can educate one another become an irresistible force.

If five people in every county invite 5 people to join your county group in one week you could have 25 new members. If those 30 invited 5 more in the second week, you would have 150 new members at the end of two weeks.

New Members







in six weeks we could have over 20,000 members in your county.

If 1,000 counties followed the plan we could have 2 million members in less than two months.

Go to your state flag and click on your county to join


Invite Your Friends          http://constitutionclub.ning.com/main/invitation/new?xg_source=tab

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can we cuss n post long articles w/o some1 whining

Maybe. Why don't you give it a go.

people in my county are too scared to do anything

getta sheet of plywood, 4' x 8' n write BE AFRAID then plant that in ur front yard

Get a Nazi flag and fly it in the front yard with a skull and bones pirates flag, then they'll love ya, probably have a cookout and drink some beers with ya

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