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Since when does the UN tell us what to do with our weapons? If you haven't seen the latest from the left, Check out the latest news from Freedom Outpost!

Here's the important part; These new restrictions are meant to be implemented by the UN.

3. States reaffirmed their respect for and commitment to their obligations under international law and the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, as well as those set out in the Programme of Action, including its eighth to eleventh preambular paragraphs

5. States welcomed the progress made in implementing the Programme of Action and the International Tracing instrument since their adoption, including on the establishment, strengthening and enforcement of national laws, regulations and administrative procedures to prevent the illicit trade and illegal manufacture of small arms and light weapons, the development of national action plans, the establishment of national points of contact, the submission of voluntary national reports and the strengthening of subregional and regional cooperation. They also welcomed progress made in implementing stockpile management and security, the collection and destruction of illicit small arms and light weapons, the marking of small arms and light weapons, technical training and information sharing

8. States reiterated the importance of national laws, regulations and administrative procedures, interagency coordination, and, where they exist, national action plans to the full and effective implementation of the PoA

18. States noted the opportunities new technologies, when available, can offer for enhanced small arms and light weapons stockpile management and security, including through improved marking and record-keeping, and for the destruction of surplus small arms and light weapons that they have designated for destruction

23. States welcomed the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16.

24. States acknowledged, in line with the 2030 Agenda, that sustainable development cannot be realized without peace and security and that peace and security will be at risk without sustainable development.

25. States noted that the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons has implications for the realization of several SDGs, including those relating to peace, justice and strong institutions, poverty reduction, economic growth, health, gender equality, and safe cities and communities.

26. States underlined the importance of the full and effective implementation of the PoA and ITI for attaining SDG 16 and SDG Target 16.4.

31. To ensure that destroyed and deactivated small arms and light weapons are rendered permanently inoperable such that illicit reactivation is physically impossible, and recognizing the value of relevant best practices in this regard.

35. To coordinate, as appropriate, national-level implementation of the PoA with relevant subregional, regional and international instruments, and with related issues and processes, including disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration; border controls; organized crime; terrorism; urban crime; relevant UN resolutions; and related capacity-building initiatives.

36. To take into account complementarities between the PoA and relevant subregional, regional and global instruments in which Member States participate in order to enhance, as appropriate, national-level coordination on the implementation of the PoA.

37. To share best practices in physical stockpile management and security, as well as permanent weapons reactivation, in order to prevent the diversion of small arms and light weapons to illicit markets, illegal armed groups, terrorists and other unauthorized[emphasis mine] recipients, including in conflict and post-conflict situations.

38. To continually assess national stockpiles for surpluses and to responsibly dispose, preferably through destruction, of small arms and light weapons that no longer meet operational needs.

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The UN needs to stay out of this country, they really should be removed from this country and we should drop out of it, they no longer are of any use to any country.

If and when the USA,Inc.disarms  I'll still obey Jesus's command to sell my coat and buy an AR-15 . Our right to self defense superceeds all government regulations .

    Thank ----Mort---- The fighting has not started yet,  Waiting on the Masters Reply! 

In 1775 to 1781 it only took 3%. Today it will take 15%. How deep do their graves have to be  to show the others that they have chosen the wrong battle ground?  You think the war has not begun?

Ask a Town in Twin Falls Idaho and those people. Ask the re-emerging Patriot cells of America. No my friends plans and actions; actions and plans. This is not France, it is not Sweden, it is not Germany, or any of the EU nations who have capitulated their power over to the Rothschild Cabal. Nor are we the emasculated Austrailia or new Zealand.

This is "one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all."  We just waited until  we could see the whites of their eyes. The American people  will visit such cruel pain upon these traitors and foreigners, and this message will show the world for a 1000 years to come of a people's resolve.

God Bless you and this Republic.

Charter? What Charter? I didn't sign, or verbally agree to any Charter!

The NRA is showing it's true colors, useless as bull tits. Knowing that this so-called government is a complete fraud since 1871 makes everything they do and say a complete fraud; the NRA knows this yet they never prosecuted any infringement of the 2nd Amendment. Are we supposed to believe this incompetence. Bull !

Don't give them a damn cent. Ever since the Gun Control Act of 1968 these guys have been money grubbing skunks.

Demand from your reps their Certificates of Election, their commission to hold office and their oaths of office; and if they can't produce them; prosecute.

True enough Joseph.

So let's join the GOA instead! Or start our OWN!

I am tracking a whole bunch of Bills hitting the Senate now, many on our guns.   NRA is doing what they can to stop this, but people need to voice their opinions to their Representatives and Senators.  Some are still in the House, others hitting the Senate now.   They will be busy now trying to see how much they can regulate, take away and even ban before this is over.  I wrote my Reps and even my Senators, so they know how I feel about than regulations or bans on weapons.

Just found out that (4) were voted on yesterday as well, but there are more still pending.  Those (4) yesterday were turned down.  However, I think a lot of this is just to make certain people look like they are working for the American people.   I think now they have a lot in place and someone said look out for the next event to come and this starts all over again, and each time they get a little closer to accomplishing what they want, gun confiscation.


The Constitution is too easy on them, but with The Word of God, condemn them and then execute them.   

Amen to that!  And not promoting Trump, but I did hear Trump talk about the UN and said that he would get them out of here.   I think this is why so many people are looking to make sure he gets in the White House.  He clearly gets what is going on with the New World Order and how the UN is being used to take us down.  They are already here, working in the Strong Cities Network.  Many mayor's of some big cities have agreed to have the UN in their cities to train their police force.  This is so wrong, as they will not adhere to our Constitution, also a foreign army on our land, which is definitely wrong.


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