The Army or Whoever is pulling this crap over Miami and Houston needs to Stop.  If it were I, there would be a lot of bullet holes to explain to whoever is in charge of this "Invasion" !!!!    It is up to the Individual states to  declare this an act of War on the American Citizens by an Illegal Government and "President", including the Homeland Security !!!!!!!! Why does the Homeland Security and the IRS need Hundreds of thousands of rounds of Ammunition and Thousands of "Assault Rifles that has been Banned for the American Citizens ??????  I'm an 81 yr. old Veteran and I find this beyond reproach to Allow this Form of Government to Exist. Isn't this what we've been doing in other countries ???  Sticking our noses into their business, over throwing their governments ????? STOP IT NOW    !!!   Billy Mills "Straight" from TEXAS

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Hey, Billy!  Good to see ya!  Great site.  Thanks for turning me on to it.  Can't wait to see more!



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