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One of the most fundamental rights of all people is the right to enter into contracts. When a man desires a certain commodity he has the right to offer the seller of the product something in exchange. He can offer his apples in order to acquire oranges or he can offer the seller an IOU.In either case the seller has the right to accept or reject that offer. This transaction does not need the apples to be backed by gold or the oranges to be backed by silver.

Money is the medium of exchange that allows goods and services to be exchanged. If a currency is backed by gold or silver, the individual that does not have gold or silver must borrow it from someone that does. This divides the people into two classes; the debtors and the creditors. Under this system the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

The bankers have inserted themselves as the middle man in all of our monetary transactions. Since money is scarce, the buyers need to borrow money from the bankers to acquire the things they need. The bankers add nothing to the value of the apples or the oranges, they simply loan money at turn the borrower into debtor. The bankers are like parasites that drain the blood from their host. A man that is in debt can not be truly free and the man that issues the money will ultimately rule the world.


He Who Has the Gold Make the Rules

Having a currency backed by tangible asset such as gold promotes tyranny because most of the people do not have enough gold to purchase the things that they need. As a result they need to borrow at interest to meet their financial needs.

By borrowing money the people become debt slaves of the lenders

In the history of the world the people have always been divided the haves and the have nots. There have always been creditors and debtors and those with wealth have used governments to assist them in dominating the people of a nation.

When money is backed by the production of the people rather than precious metal, the people that produce more will be able to create more money. Backing money with scarce tangible assets such as gold or silver creates scarcity while backing a currency with the production of people creates abundance.

When the colonists printed their own paper currency that was backed by their faith and trust in one another the colonies flourished. But, when King George and Parliament forced the colonies to pay their debts in gold, the financial prosperity in the colonies ended.

Because the colonists lack the gold and silver to pay their debts, they were required to borrow even more money finance the payment of their debts. This system destroyed the economy in the colonies but greatly enhanced the London Bankers.

At the end of the Revolutionary War France, Spain and the Netherlands all demanded that the United States pay back the money they had borrowed in gold. Since we didn't have enough gold we were forced to borrow it from the London Bankers with interest.

When the bankers became frustrated that we were not paying them back fast enough, the London Bankers promoted replacing the government under the Articles of Confederation with a new stronger national government that would be able to accelerate the repayment of our National Debt.

The London Bankers were able to get to very important provisions written into the Constitution. First it authorized Congress with the authority to borrow money. Guess who would be the lender? The Constitution also required debts to be paid in gold or silver.

Since there was a scarcity of gold in the United States it was necessary to the borrow money from the London bankers or do without. Borrowing from the bankers turned the United States into a debtor nation and the people into debt slaves.
The bankers knew that when the debtors were unable to pay their debt, their property would be confiscated by the bankers. While King George's soldiers could not defeat the colonists militarily, the London Bankers were able to do so financially. The wealthy bankers control the wealth and in the process control all of those that are owe them money.

The right of an individual to issue their own money is the very essence of personal liberty. Whoever issues the money in society becomes the master and those that need to borrow money to purchase the things that they need is a debt slave to creator of the currency.

Anyone that is forced to borrow money from the bankers to meet their financial obligations is a debt slave.
The bankers have been systematically confiscating the wealth of the American people for generations with the legislative assistance of the Congress.

Hemet-San Jacinto Liberty Certificates

One of the most fundamental rights of all people is the right to engage in commerce. If one man owns a Pizza Parlor and wants to purchase a pair shoes, he can pay for the shoes in dollars or he can offer the owner of the shoe store an alternative form of currency. He can also trade his products and/or services for the shoes.

If the owner of the Pizza didn't want shoes, but instead wanted a bouquet of flowers, he could create initiate a three-way transaction that would allow all three merchants to get what they wanted without having to pay cash.The Hemet-San Jacinto Liberty Notes have been created to facilitate the exchange of goods and services between local business owners and their customers.

Participating merchants accept the Hemet-San Jacinto's Liberty Notes just as they would paper dollars. Merchants that receive payment in the form of a Liberty Notes can then use them to purchase goods and services from other participating local merchants.

The bartering for goods and services has been around for thousands of years. When a man participates in it, he has the power to create his own money. When money is scarce, we can offer our goods and services to others in exchange for their goods and services without having to spend our hard earned cash. Do you think that the owner of a Pizza Parlor would be better off paying for the things he needs with Pizza or Dollars?

The Hemet-San Jacinto's Liberty Notes are a local currency that has been created to enable local merchants and members of the community to purchase the goods and services they need without having to spend their hard earned cash.

When a producer of goods and services agrees to accept the Hemet-San Jacinto's Liberty Notes they will be paid the equivalent of $200 local currency for joining the network.

Their sponsor that referred them will receive a one-time payment equal to $100 in Federal Reserve Notes.

Merchants can decide the percentage of the purchase price can be paid for with the local currency and how much is to be paid with Federal Reserve Notes. The producer may choose to accept 50% of the amount due in Federal Reserve Notes and the balance in Hemet-San Jacinto's alternative currency.


When an agent representing a local Non-Profit Organization signs up a producer to join the Community Liberty Network and agrees to accept the Hemet-San Jacinto Liberty Scrip for their goods and services, the merchant receives $200 in local currency and the agent receives an amount equivalent to $100 which will go to the charitable organization.

If a school or non-profit signs up a new venders to participate in the local currency program they will earn the equivalent of a $100 in local currency as compensation for their referral. If the fundraising organization receives a $20 donation they can give the donor $40 in local currency to thank them for their financial support.

This is a fantastic deal for both the Non-Profit Organization and their donors. It is also offers the local merchants a way that they can support the local charities without having to donate any of their hard earned cash.





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