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I LOVE this girl! She needs to tell this to all her bubble headed peers!

Gee, folks! I am getting to old for this crap! This girl is a baby, but speaks like an educated sailor. I have grand daughters that are almost 16 and almost 17 and I wont repost this, not because I disagree, but because I deem the vernacular, too coarse to subject young ladies to.  I have never considered myself a prude and certainly not "refined". Hell, I'm just an ol' Texas redneck, but certainly out of step with the times, I suppose. I will send it to my son and let him decide, whether to share it with his daughters, or not. I just have to wonder how others feel about this presentation. Don't hold back, let me know!

Fredrick, I have to agree with you on this. It doesn't matter whether a sixteen year old girl voices her opinions about a foul and corrupt politician. The fact of the matter is: nothing is going to change! I cannot understand why Americans every two and four years line up like sheep at local voting booths voting for a class of people they have put their trust in and fail to realize they don't give a damn about us! I personally abandoned this delusion a long, long time ago. It is time for Americans to do what Abe Fortas told us a long time ago to do is engage in wide scale civil disobedience. Imagine if Americans decided to stop paying unlawful taxes at every level, the system that we know would collapse overnight. I find the movie Spartacus as a source of inspiration when Spartacus was having a conversation with the pirate who agreed to make available ships for his army to leave Italy. He said, all it takes is one slave to lift his head from the sand and say no, the mighty Roman Empire starts to tremble. My conclusion is this: Americans have become a nation of cowards and I personally have contempt for them! Hail Caesar!

Excellent points bringing up the worst excuse for a homid in America today.  Well done.

Sure the delivery is on the course side. But no younger generation voters are likely to take my opinion of Hillary (or any other criminal politician). However they may just get a clue from one of their peers. If this is what it will take to get their attention, then the delivery method will be justified. This is what this country has lowered itself to, and we are living in it, like it or not.

After we fix everything we discuss here, we can clean up our manners and etiquette. Politically correct language is not going to fix our problems right now. We have bigger issues to solve.

You make an excellent point, Mike. I sure as hell didn't listen to anyone more than ten years older than me, when I was under 25. I guess somewhere along the way, I accepted my father's principals of civility... not to be confused with "politically correct". I don't use hard language or engage in locker-room humor in mixed company, but I do not shrink from saying anything that needs to be said. I try not to offend others, unless they offend me. Basic civility.    FR


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