When a community of chickens hire a fox to guard the hen house, who is to blame when they begin to disappear?

When we elect men and women to represent us, we are responsible for their actions.

When they pass legislation that clearly violates the Constitution, we can either ignore their transgressions or we can vote them out of office. We are responsible for our current state affairs and it is our responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable.

The members of Congress violate their oath of office every time they pass an unjust law and they should be arrested, indicted and prosecuted for treason. We are arrested for jay walking while our Congressmen violate the supreme law of the land and are granted immunity from prosecution.

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Unfortunately today there are people that feel what the elected are doing is just and correct. They dont feel the laws that are being violated are necessary to the safty. They are not realizing what they are doing is deteriorating their safty. So when we have two factions that divide a nation and elect those who piss on our constitution. Then how do we remove them from office?

Great question. I have never seen our nation so divided in my 55 years of living here. I did not think I would see this, after 9-11 which so many people must have forgot because Obama and others are allowing the Muslim faith to take over here, and our Congress and Senate do nothing to stop Obama from so many unlawful acts. 

Thank you Keith for being so correct. I pray every day that God would shoe us    want we can do to stop . 

Unfortunately, nothing is going to change unless and until true constitutionalists abandon the GOP and start supporting candidates running on the Constitution Party ticket.  Joining and contributing to the only party dedicated to restoring our once great Republic is the answer to the duopoly that presently exists.  Think about it.

Cal Wortman


Well, I am a constitutional Libertarian republican, I am in the republican party.  If we could get more involved in the party to make changes we could win the establishment.  So that is why I am not in the libertarian or constitution party, it is a two party system. 

Being a precinct committee person, working at getting your constitutional minded people involved and running for office, local up to federal.


The hen house is America and the fox are placed in washington by the hens every time they participate in the 14th amendment process of registered voters...... study the history then follow the scripture that states "separate yourselves out from amongst them and become ye separate." Then bring your counties into proper alignment constitutionally until you then have the state solidified and then we can deal with the national disaster and structure it properly once again. 

The votes ARE rigged, do not doubt it.  The two parties are corrupt BEYOND repair, this is a fact, follow the money.  The third party option will only work if we form a near majority block of dedicated voters from the two parties and another block of "awakened" voters formerly dormant, now committed to the same.  We must educate our fellow humans to the corruption of government, not only this one, but all, throughout history to prove that it is REAL and CURRENT always.  We must as is stated, work from the local level up to the state level and that in the majority of states.  Nullification at the state/federal level under the 9th and 10th amendments will be effective if we have 3/4 of the states in lock-step agreement.  Indictments by common law grand juries nationwide are necessary to punish these treasonous quislings and corporate thieves.  ONCE AGAIN, the two parties are corrupt beyond compare, just remember what happened to Ron Paul in 2012 in Tampa RNC convention.  There is no recourse to the influence of this kind of money support for the status quo.  In the words of the bible, "Get out of her my people" and don't look back.


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