The person who provides the kerosene used to start a forest fire is just as guilty as the man who strikes the match. The person who supplies the gun and the ammunition to a man who is commits a murder is just a guilty as the man who pulls the trigger. 

When a man incites a riot, he is responsible for the damage which is the result. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should be indicted by a Grand Jury and should be charged with inciting the riots which took place in Ferguson, Missouri.

There is more than enough evidence to convict these hate mongers for the inciting the riots. They should be held responsible and so should the media outlets who provided them with the forum they needed to spark the violence.

You and I are accused of being racists by the two biggest racists on the planet. They don't want racial equality, they want the blacks in America to receive special benefits and privileges to compensate them for the sins of our fathers. When have you ever heard them condemn a black man for anything? When is the last time you heard of them going to the defense of a white victim of a crime committed by a black man.

We should boycot all TV and Radio Stations who allow these two racists the opportunity to speak to the American people. There should be a gag order on any man or organization that promotes violence.

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I agree with the part about those two, they are the Race Baiters, and they can't hide the fact that they are race baiting, that dog don't hunt for me. You never hear a word from either one of them about Muslim slave trading connections to the past slave trading that their own kind traded in and it's a solid connection too.

What was the Barbary coast and the Pirates involved in the Slave trade all about? I know these race baiters are so into shaming us into giving them even more entitlements and into generational shaming us about their great grandfathers willing entry into submitting to this horrible practice. What about fighting for their own freedom? Freedom from entitlements, which would resolve their obvious entitlement mentality, a form of low self esteem into the higher form of self worthiness. It's about honor, and I sure didn't see any of that in Ferguson, or in any of the towns and Cities where these riots broke out.

Just like black on black violence is today. These people attacked a black owned bakery in Ferguson, and very likely because the owners ran a successful business, and they struck out as what? Looters and thieves? Yeah, there's your black pride alright.

The real shame ought to lay on those who lay the blame on whites in America for their own dilemma caused by generational entitlements. Now that several generations have been raised this way, and it's never been without the risks of allowing several generations to be raised on these entitlements into believing other people owe them a living.

A rude awakening is it not?

I totally agree! There's been horrendous crimes against whites, committed by blacks and the media doesn't care. Where are these racists when it's a black on black crime? I'm still wondering what church made these 2 idiots reverends. Jesse Jackson was a drug dealer and a pimp in Florida many years ago. Then poof, he's a revered. What?

I soooooo agree and I really believe Obama and Eric Holder are responsible too

Yes, they were involved in organizing these protests, the whole thing was preplanned and it involved interstate planning to bring together 83 scheduled protests in various towns and Cities well before the verdict was anounced, that's premeditation before the fact. This morphed into several Federal Law violations by all parties involved right up to Holder and Obama. This was a conspiracy period. And we can forget about the USDOJ investigating any of this too. It's all going to be covered up in any case.

This is treasonous behavior by all parties involved. And It comes damn close to violating the anti-sedition laws as well.

There can be no doubt about this being a series of staged demonstrations for interstate crimes before the fact. And don't think for a second that the parties that staged these demonstrations their intent was clear to me, it was an attempt to spark a race riot, the likes of which we can be grateful this died down to where it is now.

What possible good could come from such demonstrations other then to stage crimes that were fully planned on? Riot for looting, and profit from doing so. I rest my case. 

Isn't this an example of "Notice to principal is notice to agent, Notice to agent is notice to Principal"?

or another definition is Accomplice?

I do not agree with the gag order business. If they are guilty of a crime then a jury trial is the standard lawful process used by people to find the truth in any case.

How many people agree that guilt can be determined by one individual in any case?

How many people agree that it takes a majority of people agreeing to gag someone to justify said gagging?


We were once the greatest nation in the world, but no longer, and there is no way we, as a country, can return to our greatness, until we put the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE back where HE belongs. We have kicked GOD and HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST out of everything, we have even made the speaking or writing JESUS NAME a felony. We are foolish to expect to trash HIM , and still to be successful when it all depends on HIM. Where and how did out country stray so far away from what is real, the only way to success.

This was caused by man thinking he is so great that he has no need of GOD or HIS SON. I think we have gone too far away from reality to make it back to a successful country. We will continue with rebel leaders in the White House until we are in complete bondage, unless JESUS CHRIST returns for HIS people, before we reach this point in our aims..

Myrtle I understand what you are trying to say but after studying the 10 commandments better I don't believe THEY have kicked God out but letting him CO-exist.

THEY have violated the first 4 commandments and made their selves idols to over ride God. So God can stay as long as he/she doesn't get in their way and doesn't overrule them. 

I have seen some preachers sermons on Baal worship and my experience in the courts mirrors this word for word.

AWESOME sermon. I can so relate..... 

An Excellent and correct article Racists are those usually, that are busy accusing others of being racists. I think that, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama want to see the white race where the black race was 200 years ago. They hate us with unlimited venom.

Myrtle, You have correctly named the 4 major race baiters in the USA today, and there were more of them too. Malcolm X was one of them, and Malcolm X was in fact murdered by blacks which is a bit weird enough that I remember when he was shot in a theater with a 12 gauge shot gun.

More black on black violence...will it ever end? And the same goes for white on white violence.

I believe nothing is resolved in the long term by such crimes, so why don't we all just stop it? But people are human, and that is part of the problem. Until we rise above the crap from the past, we are doomed to repeat it.


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