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If Congress authorized the U.S. Treasury to issue $1,000,000,000,000 (One trillion dollars) and then used the money to fix our roads, bridges,dams levees, they could move money into circulation without having to borrow a single dime.

We could issue the money to fund the education of college students and eliminate most of the borrowing that is currently being used to fund their college education.

The money could be used to house the homeless and/or feed the hungry, help people pay off their mortgages, car loans and their credit card debt.

Can you image how many jobs would be created? If Congress issued our money instead of borrowing it from the Federal Reserve we would be able to escape the tyranny of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the international bankers.

If Congress were to issue too much money we would experience hyperinflation, but if the money is issued in proportion to Gross National Product we would be able to avoid inflation and have a stable economy. It is the amount of money in circulation that is the biggest factor in a stable monetary system.

Virtually every dollar collected in taxes ($3,000,000,000,000) last year went to pay the interest of the National Debt. If Congress issued and regulated the supply and value of our money the tyranny of the bankers would come to a screeching halt. By eliminating the necessity to borrow money we would eliminate the need to pay an income tax.

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to fight the crooked government is akin to sitting on a big, ugly old cactus!

Is it really that simple? Seriously, asking.

Good points - suggestion, proof read before posting. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the suggestion. I've been trying to get him to do that for years, so I don't have to. Good luck. I fixed it for him. Ok now?

yes exposing that zionist Bankers converted flesh to currency would be nice ..We would finally be living in the truth and no longer have to live a lie associated with a Constitution which was used as bait so we would forget our Bibles,,I find it strange more here do not see the Talmud fraud for what it is..  We have been taken advantage of by those following God's directions...Leviticus 25:44-50...If you do not believe go research for yourselves...

Edward, there are many waking up! I have had a radio show for almost 20 years now exposing the impostors (Rev. 2:9). Check out these - and  is my video exposing the false god government ..

I wish to connect you with Mark emery if your not friends yet  he is looking to unite with others awakened

Excellent, I will connect with Mark, and I have posted a link to your video on my website. Take good care and keep up the good work! 

Excellent video, Edward. Thanks, much.

Your welcome Jeanine

It would appear, at best, the Federal Reserve Bank or Board, is a Washington D.C. Corporation

Regardless, the Federal Reserve Act, has no application in the several states, as the Act added a Chapter 6, to the National Bank Act, restricted to “foreign banking.”


The Federal Reserve Act, is chapter 6, of the SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHs. 4-6. 1913. Chapter 6, House Resolution, # 7837. The Federal Reserve Act, is codified at 12 U.S. Code § 226 - “Federal Reserve Act”


12 U.S. Code § 226 - “Federal Reserve Act”

The short title of the Act of December 23, 1913, ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, shall be the “Federal Reserve Act.”

(Dec. 23, 1913, ch. 6, § 1 (par.), 38 Stat. 251.)



Section 248 of Title 12 U.S.C. Enumerated powers of the Federal Reserve Board (Dec. 23, 1913, ch. 6, §11, 38 Stat. 261), limited to chapter 6, Foreign Banking,

 The Government Printing Office, GPO, lists the Federal Reserve Act as non-positive law, with the implementing regulations as Title 12 C.F.R. section 211, INTERNATIONAL BANKING OPERATIONS (REGULATION K)



12 CFR - Banks and Banking




 The PARALLEL TABLE OF AUTHORITIES AND RULES, lists the authority of the Federal Reserve System, section 221 et seq. of Title 12 U.S.C., as Title 12 C.F.R. 211             




According to Karen Hudes, Chief Council for the IMF and the World Bank turned "whistle blower", the Fed was limited to a 100 year term. A term that ended on December 24, 2013.

As such the Fed is essentially out of business and for the last six years has had no authority to order the US Treasury to print dollars, even to replace worn out bills. This is the condition that existed just prior to the crash of 1929 when banks ran out of dollar bills.

Is history repeating itself and if so, then when will the crash come again?


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