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EASY way to prove government trickery
Submitted by juliusbragg on Wed, 11/18/2009 - 16:10
in Daily Paul Liberty Forum

Anyone can do this, and everyone should try this. the worse case is the letter gets returned for postage due. (FB and Wolfe especially)

Take an envelope, place a letter inside, put a 3 cent stamp on it, address it to someone "outside of the United States" which means any of the 50 states, and not in Washington D.C., any military base, any federal zone, NO ZIP CODES

Here is an example address

Bill Griffith
3521 Fort Street
Seattle, Washington
[zip exempt]

your return address should not contain a zip code either.

The last thing you need to do is write:

First Class Non Domestic
bk.12 Statutes At Large
Chapter 71 section 23
37th. Congress Session 111

If you use a zip code or 2 letter abbreviated state, IT WILL BE RETURNED...

I have tried this many times over the past months to trouble shoot it,
I purposefully used zip codes on some, and ALL were returned, I used 2 letter state abbreviations on some, and all were returned.

For larger packages the rate is 3 cents per 1/2 oz. in addition to the original 3 cents (i believe)

Send a letter to your friend today, THEN tell me this is not true.


Because, this will prove to many nay-sayers:

1) that the zipcode "makes" your address a federal zone.

2) that the 2 letter abbreviation is seen as a "federal State"

3) That the post office is a corporation and is tricking the average American into using 42 cent stamps, when only a 3 cent stamp is required.

4) That all 50 states are "without the United States".

5) And that common knowledge of government is OFTEN misunderstood

6) that the "United States" can mean the "federal Government"

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This is very interesting, and while I'm tempted to at least try it, we need to consider that the USPS is already so upside down that it's getting bailed out to the tune of MILLIONS. So if we are ok with further burdening them, or the taxpayer with more bailouts, go right ahead, but I have to respectfully decline to try it myself. Thanks for the interesting information though.


That's just stupid.

If you think this is not real, won't work or that the "Post Office" and the "United States Postal Service" are the same thing, then you need to 

Watch this Video


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