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Freedom Awaits!

The Constitution spells out how a law can be created. Of course like many other parts, this has been ignored and worked around by creating departments that make their own laws.Trump has been pretty compliant in following the Constitution and has countered many of Obama's Executive orders.

You suggesting that Trump should be making an unconstitutional law by creating an Executive order makes no sense to me, when the whole point is to restore the Constitution. All  the Rights that we have are spelled out in the Constitution. Without it, we have no means of keeping our Government in Check.

That is not to say that the points made in this video should be ignored. Some are very good for working with in the corrupt system that courts have created. Without the Constitution and article Six, the Government can simply ignore all the points made.


Good to hear from you. Thanks for your words of wisdom. Let me respond a little if I may.

  1. Not sure where it is spelled out, but yes there are two parts to every man-made "law". A bill, which successfully passes the through the legislation process, then the implementing regulations, which put the bill into action. The I.R.'s can be found in the Federal Register (official King's List). That is how we create what you call "law". However, that is not law. It is "legal statute". God is Law. Nature is Law. Necessity is Law. The Universe is ruled by irrefutable "laws". To whit;   "... the powers of the earth,...the Laws of Nature and Nature's God entitle them...". The Constitution NEVER created any "law". I know, "technicality". Not that important of a distinction. But actually it is more important than most people know and is at the root of the problem in reality.
  2. Departments don't make "law" either. They make statutes and regulations. These are trumped, (no pun intended), by the previously mentioned "higher laws".
  3. The point is to restore the Republic, not necessarily the Constitution. I'm not in love with that document. It's got a lot of problems. Jon Roland and I have both been working, independent of each other, to create a new design. In that vain I am encouraging everyone I speak with to join 2020 Vision 4 America.
  4. "All the rights that we have are spelled out in the Constitution." Nothing could be further from the truth. Rights, just like laws, are not created by any man-made legality. People "are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are the Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. (that means God). --That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem  most likely to effect their safety and Happiness." There you have it. This is what we need to accomplish. That is where we are.
  5. Keeping them in check is no longer an option. I refer you to point #4. There are ways to "alter or abolish" their system. Hence the need for "A well regulated Militia..." and their need to carry defensive weapons for that purpose.
  6. My audio is out, so I can't hear the videos, so I didn't watch them, but I am very familiar with the goings on of Thomas David, House of Deegan. He has put it all on the line in search of truth and should be commended for his boldness of action and his patriotism.

You are right about the courts. We no longer have a Republic. That is what we need to restore. Or maybe we need to actually create one. Not sure if that was ever secured in reality. Not even on paper.

Thank you for your courteous reply and I agree with most of what you wrote,

Much of it I assumed was common knowledge and did not expound on. You may have misunderstood my saying that rights are spelled out in the constitution. I did not say they are created in the constitution. As you indicate, I should also say that the Deceleration of independence includes spelling out these rights also.

As for loving the Constitution, I believe it is a miracle document that has been corrupted and is not enforced. My original point is about the Executive Order which in no way should affect We the People. The President is not permitted to make laws and yet the Video suggests that in order to get what the video Author suggests, we need an executive order to make it happen. That is the part I disagree with  

As for your audio problem this with a head set would solve your issue as long as your USB ports are working.

Good on ya mate,

The only thing I would like to reply to is the notion of the rights being spelled out in the Constitution. I was mainly focussing on the word "ALL". Neither the Constitution, the DOI, or both together encompass ALL of our rights. Neither of these is adequate to describe ALL of our rights.

We have certain unalienable rights that are spelled out, that's all. It does not even come close to describing ALL of our rights. That's the only problem I had with your statement. No biggie.


Can you give me an example of a right not defined in the US Documents. Certain inalienable rights, such as Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So any hting provided by God?  The right to own property is defined in the second and fourth and fifth amendments. The right to privacy, also in the fifth amendment. God given rights? Can you list?  I had never given much thought to accounting for all our god given inalienable rights. How would one create such a list. Is it my right to spend money? Any money? Do we then have to define money? Or is my right to spend money covered by my pursuit of happiness right. So far, I stand by my statement that the Constitution spells out (all) our rights.  I accept the fact that I may not be aware of what you refer to as ALL.  ( Just to be clear, my original  comment was about executive orders as mentioned in the video that you state you have not watched or at least listened to. Rights was sort off topic)

Sorry ship,

But your original statement was about all rights being found in THE CONSTITUTION. Not all of the founding documents. The DOI is inclusive, but not all rights are described in  our founding documents. The right to kill in self defense for instance. Not there. Specific and certain rights are described, but ALL of them? Not even close. Just semantics I know, but I do agree with your main contention that our rights are being trampled upon. No doubt.


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