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Our founders believed that all men were created equal in the eyes of God and were granted the same rights. They believed that all men had a right to defend themselves against hostile acts of aggression. They believed it was morally wrong to use force to gain a political or financial advantage over our neighbors. Today the Gods on Capital Hill reject the principles which were embraced by our Founding Fathers.

They understood that stronger nations did not have a legitimate right to threaten or intimidate weaker nations in order to gain a position of superiority over them. Just because one nation is bigger and stronger does not give them the right to deprive other nations of their rights.

If Israel has a right to defend itself, shouldn't every other nation have the same right? By promoting nuclear weapons for one nation while denying them to another is a classic example of a double standard.

If the United States helps to finance Israel's acquisition of nuclear weapons while imposing economic sanctions against Iran for attempting to defend themselves, we are imposing a double standard. 

A man or a nation who threatens to use force to get what they want is a bully. If we want to be true to the principles upon which our nation was founded, we need to mind our own business and intervene only when it is absolutely necessary.

We have a right to wage war only when we are being invaded. The mere threat of an attack does not justify use of deadly force. The President does not have the authority to drop a bomb whenever he wants.  If we the people through our Congressional representatives feel there is a real threat, they can declare war and we can take appropriate actions.

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Boy Keith... I never knew we disagreed so much! I take exception to several statements you have made here:

First... the double standard of not allowing Iran to have nukes versus Israel is a fact... and it's because Israel will not shoot at us and Iran will. I like a double standard that protects us from a country sworn to wipe Israel and us off the map. Iran would bomb the very building that houses our Constitution! This double standard is part of our self defense! Man up and get over it!!!

Second... Israel has nukes but has not attacked Iran with them. If Iran gets one tomorrow they will attack Israel tomorrow! And yes... they will tell the world that it was in self defense!

Third... I have not heard Israel threaten to wipe Iran off the face of the earth, but I have heard it the other way around! So who is the "bully"???

Fourth... If we invade another country to preserve and protect "the principals upon which our nation was founded"... I'll vote for that as opposed to waiting until they are just a few miles off shore! And with regard to votes... I'd like to remind everybody that the Senate voted 100% to invade Iraq. Now days we are in full "blame Bush"... mode, everybody forgets that!!!

On your last point we agree! "The President does NOT have the authority to drop a bomb whenever he wants." but that is just one of many usurpations of authority and violations of the law that this President has done... and without getting even a 1% vote from Congress!!! The bigger problem is that Congress doesn't have the GUTS to do anything about it!!!


Every action we take should be based upon the principles liberty, equality and justice. In order to be an ethical country we need to treat all countries the same. By respecting one nation and disrespecting another we are putting ourselves in the position of being the judge and jury over he conduct of nations. We who have enslaved millions of blacks and killed tens of millions of indigenous people are not standing on the moral high ground. How many nations have we invaded in our history? How many bombs have dropped and how many innocent men women and children have died to make the world safe for democracy.

Your premise is based on the principle that we have a right to compel other nations to do what we want them to do. Your premise disavows the principles of our Declaration of Independence. If all men are created equal then all nations enjoy the same rights. I am not opposed to obliterating Iran if they attack us first, but to attack them because of a perceived threat is not justified unless we the people collective instruct Congress to declare war.

When you build your position on false premises you can justify all kinds of immoral behavior. Perhaps if we got the hell out of the middle east and left them alone we would be much better off.Please feel free to call me at 951-282-3271

Thank you for caring and thank you for sharing your opinions.

A lie is a lie no matter who tells it and a bomb is a bomb no matter who drops it. If the possession of nuclear weapons poses a threat to world peace then no nation should have them. To say that nuclear weapons are only OK if your are our friend is like saying a lie is a lie if you tell it but a lie is the truth if we say it and a bomb is evil when you drop it, but when we drop a bomb it is righteous.

I think it's too late to adopt these moral platitudes! Others have screwed things up before us and we now have no choice but to kill or be killed. I don't think self defense is immoral. Even our troops are sent to war now days with the rule that you can't shoot until you are shot at! I say to hell with that! Soon we will have no military!!!

What if, Israel (Moussaud) was behind 9-11?
What if as the Bible says: " there are those who claim to be Jews, from Judiah but, are from the synagogue of Satan"(I can't quote scripture, but it's there). What if these in Isreal are, in actuality Khazarian Ashkenazi(NAZI) JEWS, not Sephanic Jews.
Just some 'food for thought'(:

Keith, you and Ron Paul are right. It's a tough pill to swallow when your country has been led down an unrighteous road and its people willingly became complicit in it; and now instead of atoning, boast and continue in this behavior. Is Israel our best friend and ally in the Middle East. In the end days of WWII communist jews assassinated British soldiers, bombed hotels and restaurants, including foreign tourist, and killed tortured and, maimed arabs in the area while stealing their land. A few years later they stole U.S. nuclear  secrets and sold them to the Soviets. Then since the 60s we have spent trillions making the World knuckle under to Israel, even though they intentionally sank the U.S.S. Liberty to try to pin it on Egypt. Not to speak of our ceaseless spending on their schools, temples and intrigues around the World. And Israel has done what for us? Oy vay, with friends like that who needs enemies. And to Donahue Wait, read Matthew 23 verses 29 thru 35 and John 8 verses 37 thru 47. You were referring to Revelations 2 verse 9. Read also Revelations 3 verse 9. A King James Version with words attributed to Jesus in red is helpful.


Prior to the establishment of the communist rogue state of Israel, Americans could travel safely thru out the World,  prior to us meddling in foreign intrigues in the late 30s. Our shores were never attacked since 1814.


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