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I am not a sovereign and neither are you. We were all endowed by our Creator with the same rights and responsibilities. God who is the Creator is the only sovereign and none of us has authority or jurisdiction over anyone else.

God wrote the laws that govern the universe and the founders of our nation referred to them as the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God". The rules written by legislatures are inferior to the Laws of God. When the laws of men conflict with the laws of God the laws of God take precedent.

I have a right to do whatever I want as long as I do not violate the life, liberty or property of another human. Whenever an individual violates the rights of another they have committed a crime. No crime can be committed unless there is a victim, (Corpus Delecti). The only people who should ever be in prison are those who injure another being, human or not. If you abuse life, you should be punished. You should not be incarcerated or have your property seized for "Code Violations" or "Traffic Infractions", etc.

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Let me take this a bit further.  "and all Treaties made" The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783  a.k.a. The Treaty of Paris 1783 was negotiated and signed by whom?  None other than known foreign agent Esquires to which I will name three (3), John Adams, John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin.  This is all fraud and such fraud was designed to force the so called people of the United States of America to be subject to repaying the war debt to the Crown. To the best of my knowledge, no one called this fraud out back in the day and if such was never challenged, such remains in force until lawfully challenged.  What West Virginia has commenced could very well be our path to lawfully challenge such fraud.  All that would be needed is for a notice of odious debt to be presented however, we need enforcement to actually implement on such a simple process.  

Thanks Leonard. I would like to add that the the Titles Of Nobility Amendment wasn't created until after this treaty. (I am curious who authored it and who supported it.) Be that as it may, some attempted to bring this to light, way back when. Others swept it under the rug, and started a convenient war to make it go away. TONA has been found out recently, and we can do something about it, and stop this nonsense right now. Fraud is fraud, and has no statute of limitations! We get to hit the reset button.

Yes, I agree with you Mike!  All we need is people, people, and more people to understand this and truly do something about it as opposed to lollygagging.  Phil Hudok and Gene Stalnacker of West Virginia will be attending the coming 3 day Oath Keepers Appalachian Mountain event and manning a booth there in attempt to get out the word. I think you, Mort, Linda and whoever is within a reasonable driving distance should consider showing up even if only for one of the three days and assist in getting this word out to this large and currently misguided group of people.  This event is taking place in West Virginia. I and some others here in the far West truly would attend however, my welcome is worn out since I resigned my founding member status of the Oath Keepers due to the Bundy ranch desertion fiasco perpetrated by their leadership. We are on call however to head out to West Virginia to assist in the actual actions being planned.

OK folks,  Here is the information regarding the event being held and sponsored by the Oath Keepers:

As specified, Phil Hudok and Gene Stalnaker have secured a vendor booth and I'm sure they will need assistance manning it. Please consider attending at least one day of the three days if you are within a reasonable distance to the event. There will be lawful oaths of office documents, signature rescission documents, and current unlawful oath renouncing assistance.    

If anyone is willing to assist at the booth set up for the Oath Keepers event, please email to:  

there is no proper motion I could find for a default judgement & none of TPB korts of Just This will sign any such order-tis another excersize in insanity-see my post on USA vs We the Ppl

w/o a motion for default in the lower court, there is NOthing to bring to the S Ct of WV

See  all the lawsuits thrown out  by federal robes by lying that Ppl have "No Standing" to any injury, search the cost of the ILLegals, the tax fraud, search n see what the effa bee eye did to Gordon Kahl, took an ax n gave him 40 WHACKS

just check the rules of court to any issues on appeal shall be 1st addressed in the lower court or r presumed waived.

Peter John QUOTE:

"there is no proper motion I could find for a default judgement & none of TPB korts of Just This will sign any such order-tis another excersize in insanity-see my post on USA vs We the Ppl

w/o a motion for default in the lower court, there is NOthing to bring to the S Ct of WV"


Have you read these legal filings and responses? If not, I respectfully ask that you do so and then come back here with a fact based comment.

Thomas David House of Deegan knows timing and procedures of law very, very well and especially in his home state of WV.  I think you may be stuck in the fictional, statutory realm and we must remember, their fictions of law are not and can not be recognized by real men with hands and legs and verified by a Maxim: "Like things unite with like". 


Adventures into Sovereignty has sone something similar maybe the West Virgina people should get together.



The SCt has stated that the gov's powers are created, defined and limited by the instrument that created it - that being the fed constitution.  With that in mind, the SCt has also stated that the gov cannot increase its powers merely by lawmaking or treaty making.

The ability to make laws and enter into treaties is limited to only those powers granted to the gov in the constitution.  Therefore, only those treaties made in harmony with the constitution are the law of the land.  As an example, the gov has no power to enter into a treaty where it agrees to suspend the right to speak one's mind in order to please the muslims.

By betraying the oath, these govt "ACTORS" have abandoned any form of republican Govt


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