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I am not a sovereign and neither are you. We were all endowed by our Creator with the same rights and responsibilities. God who is the Creator is the only sovereign and none of us has authority or jurisdiction over anyone else.

God wrote the laws that govern the universe and the founders of our nation referred to them as the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God". The rules written by legislatures are inferior to the Laws of God. When the laws of men conflict with the laws of God the laws of God take precedent.

I have a right to do whatever I want as long as I do not violate the life, liberty or property of another human. Whenever an individual violates the rights of another they have committed a crime. No crime can be committed unless there is a victim, (Corpus Delecti). The only people who should ever be in prison are those who injure another being, human or not. If you abuse life, you should be punished. You should not be incarcerated or have your property seized for "Code Violations" or "Traffic Infractions", etc.

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There may be a bounce back, but you can bet over the next few months there is a lot more downside to come.

here in idaho we are attempting the same thing. i hope you in WV get  your agenda going. now you have a Stock crash coming and i see a definate down turn into the distruction of the dollar in 1 to 2 years. Now people get your asses straightened up.

how bad are cops in Idaho. Do they lie-I call Mn the Land of 10,000 Lies

Peter we have a Sheriff who listens to those who have problems with officers of his department. WE of the County fathers keep our . dialogs to the subject at hand,

Let me tell you of my story  I had a Son who was found in my car drunk but not driving  I had came in the house to get some things when they entered my property and arrested my son.

I allowed them to keep him in Jail over the weekend then Monday  I went to the Court house and made a wrongfull arrest and a tort claim i sent to the Sheriff for 142 thousand dollars. 

the Sheriff never having this happen before spoke to the Prosecuter so he called and i told him that they (his officers had taken my pistol in lieu of that arrest. And that I was at that moment filling out another tort for the thievery of my pistol.

 Well he again spoke with the prosecutor and the prosecutor called me. I was very amiable toward him . He asked me if i had an attourney. I told him, that i would be wanting an article 3 court and that i was going to tort the system in Graingeville and that these torts were going to a friend who is the Attorney General of the State of Idaho.

Well Tom Munds calls me ands asked what was my purpose. I told him the story and said i was coming to the Capital to press my need to have this adjudicated as a person of the State of idaho under State citicenship and i have that paper placed in all courtrooms of Idaho where I have lived.

I was looking for others who had been wronged by the Judicial system in Idaho County so that i could bring this disparagy to the Idaho court system.

The next day i received my gun Back  The Sheriff came to our County Commissioner meeting and asked me if i was pressing forward with my torts. I told the sheriff that i was unhappy that my son had been drunk and had the affront to want to drive my car in that condition but as he was on my property  there was no foul.

I told the Prosecutor the next day that i would drop all torts if they would allow me to attend their offices and explain to them the real Republic in which we live and that i had proof that the Judicial system worked far out side the perimeters of the Republic.

they dropped all actions and apologized, the Sheriff allowed me to explain to his officers the errors to their ways and Sheriff Giddings has made changes within his office.

Now 3 weeks ago the Sheriff allowed me to come to a meeting with the EPA and Forest service at the Clear water river as his spokesman on their ability to remove legal dredgers off the clear water river.

This same group which has tried to take over the water systems in Idahos streams.  the subject was > you are on State ground which is managed by a UN agency called the EPA. That a report was forthcoming to Idaho DEQ that The EPA is not a national sponsored agency but use graft and lies to remove the peoples responsibilities of their lands.

I spoke of my being part of the Idaho Utah lands commission and that this elected official standing in front of them could incarcerate them for their actions that day.  That they should leave or i would place upon their agencies torts for the lose of the freedoms of the States peoples and would bring to bear a case for all individuals who were wronged by their agency  in civil court.

And that i hoped they gave me that reason to make this happen that it was time to reign these out of control agencies.

they considered and they left. I put in here the Sheriff Giddens  response to these agencies as to they leave or he would arrest them.

Peter we have to understand the nature of our laws to back these people up and to wrest the control away which belongs to the states and the people and giving into their demands is only the cowards way out.

sheriff n courts here are corrupt/dirty. I am not allowed any police protection, there is near a foot tall stack of police reports on night raids to my Farm. Everything wrecked or stolen by chemical pharmers hiring Mexicans out of Tx. Cows run off, calves killed, Home broken into with property deeds n oil stocks stolen. My Land is douched with pharm chems n the ND Dept ofAg refuses to do anything. All my tools stolen, pigletys stolen, S-10 has wiring ripped out so I get tikts, on n on

sheriff came here 1 time n told me I had no property deeds  so I asked HOW he knew  that as I never reported that burglary. his face turned beet red. Cause the exicutor of my Moms estate never paid the property tax  was not allowed to file them. It is these chem pharmers coveting my Land.  FBI n US Attorney refuses to do anything so I stand in FTG

Here Comes The Plunge Protection Team

Days old n then this happens-tis all connected to who CONtrols the $$$ a on going fraud keeping We the Ppl as debt salves

We all are because were all included and also all of us slept through the interesting times. Now time to roll up the sleaves put on the your roughneck clothes and boots and get to work.

Oh and a word to the wise dont use windows 10 free gifts come with holes which NSA can see your every move.

No, Ppl are not, look at how Ponzi street climbed back by  a massive influx of blns of fiats. This is by all the money stolen from the FRB, pentagon, military. search; missing trillions to $16 trillion missing. Or even the mlns of fiats sent to Iraq disappeared-that planeload of fiats all went "missing"

2 choices peter

1 elect new sheriff one who is dependable or

2 move we'll accept you .

nice to leave, only thing is this Land has been in my family since 1893. the new 'sheriff" is the one that threatened to arrest me if I did anything to stop Kay Dee  farms from planting on my Land, there was no contract, I tried to sue n ended up with my Cherished Greenhouse burned down-took the alleged sheriffs 3 days to arrive. The Walsh County press refused to  even print The Rest of The Story. I had alfalfa planted n they came with deputy JA jurgens n over planted on my Land. Later sprayed thier filthy chems onto my other land, I called the ND Dept of Ag n they refused to do anything as claimed I had no property deeds-so how'd they know??? told  by darrel n kenneth slominski, fine pillars of society n all that. I filed in State & Federal court, both DENIED. Which only led to more of breaking into My Home to steal the court records-complaint/service. I walk them into kort to have them returned by mail, then phone calls are made n next I get broken into when I leave here


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