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I am not a sovereign and neither are you. We were all endowed by our Creator with the same rights and responsibilities. God who is the Creator is the only sovereign and none of us has authority or jurisdiction over anyone else.

God wrote the laws that govern the universe and the founders of our nation referred to them as the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God". The rules written by legislatures are inferior to the Laws of God. When the laws of men conflict with the laws of God the laws of God take precedent.

I have a right to do whatever I want as long as I do not violate the life, liberty or property of another human. Whenever an individual violates the rights of another they have committed a crime. No crime can be committed unless there is a victim, (Corpus Delecti). The only people who should ever be in prison are those who injure another being, human or not. If you abuse life, you should be punished. You should not be incarcerated or have your property seized for "Code Violations" or "Traffic Infractions", etc.

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Yes, they are Peters two options. But if Peter is being wronged by His sheriff, why should he be the one to move? So it's my suggestion he should go with the first choice and go after the sheriff that has harmed him. It is his right and duty.

Find a sheriff to replace any that ARE NOT doing their job. Worse yet, working for an outside interest to do their will against the people who they are supposed to be representing. Is there collusion between a sheriff and someone else? Just asking!

collusion with the judge, kay dee farms, ND dept of Ag to even the federal kort as judge Erickson always DENIES my Right of Petition. he is a dirty judge

Alas Mike,

We live in a dream world where wrongs trump the goodness of human kind. He lives in a world of greed and petulance as his lands deeded to him are overcome by those who have more money to make their decisions concrete.

And as I look in my crystal ball I see no one raising their hands to support his position. Really it may well be a no win position.

In Vietnam when forces were greater than our ability to defend we'd move to ground to defend until we broke the back of the enemy.

This is a time juncture between what is right and wrong and the ability to defend that position.

Mike your a good man, and I love your ability to process the information, but what I see in this man's response is a loss of faith in a system he dreamed was fair, but now experiences the reality of its corruption. Its failures.

When do we fight and when do we retreat to areas we can defend so as in the future to reclaim what is ours? There are no clear answer here; the waters are too murky.

what area of Id are You in. I'd like some of those trout streams or lakes. Know of any land for sale like that, how much

Taxation will climb as prices fall on commodities China isn't the problem, it's the slowdown of the commodities. People get poorer and make less [fewer?], purchases  the richest natural resource nations will suffer. People cant buy. 

You'll see wars in the east as Saudi Arabia becomes active in its war entrance. Derivatives we've bought into will enslave us more. The Elites are moving to bunkers in non-populated areas.

Pundits blame gloom and doom nay-sayers, when in fact the monies from the Q.E. were given to the Elites but never entered the hands of the people. They are taxed for their monies.

Gold and silver will be nice to have as the elites are buying all they can find.

Links are there to prove this, but we are in trouble and we will be told that to stay alive we will need to separate from this Republic; that the One World Order has the answers to all of our problems.

Fat cats will ride the bubbles as they use their power to keep the people from accessing the real markets. People will dream about the past as the crash spreads. Old retirees will drink water to fill their bellies. Austerity will run rampant as this NWO sucks the marrow from the nations of this world.

China is being blamed, but its really a global meltdown. Because China has no orders to fill as other countries cant buy and we are tied to its umbilical chord.

Sad but true; stored food is essential.

The Elites are really running scared.

the pricks want to add more tax by a national value added tax, or a national tax

Posted: 25 Aug 2015 12:17 PM PDT


This video was once removed from YouTube due to the contents it contained regarding the US Dollar and the private elite bankers. However a year later,  has reloaded the clip. has  Full Article »


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