After 8 years of fighting, King George III realized that he was not going to be able to defeat the colonists militarily so he decided to send in an army of lawyers and bankers and to influence corrupt politicians.

Before the ink on the Constitution had dried, the agents of the Crown began the process of dismantling the Constitution. The lawyers knew that in order to circumvent the intent of the Founding Fathers, as long as the government was shackled by the Constitution, they would be unable to accomplish their objectives of enslaving the American people.  They knew that if the government was re-organized as a corporation they would not be required to obey the Constitution.

Their mission was accomplished in 1871 when our government became a corporation. The government created by the Founding Fathers still exists but it has been hijacked by the UNITED STATES corporation. Just like a vacant warehouse, the "dejure" (original, lawful) Government of our country is ready for occupancy.

Before 1868 every American citizen was a sovereign and was not a subject of anyone other than his or her creator.  With the 14th Amendment, the Citizens were defined as individuals that were subject to the jurisdiction of the corporate UNITED STATES.  All of a sudden "We, the People" who had been sovereign, became subject citizen of the jurisdiction of our national government.  With the adoption of the 4th Amendment, the sovereigns became the slaves.

The Bill of Rights protects sovereign citizens from governmental abuse, but it does not apply to 14th Amendment Citizens.

The (second) 13th Amendment states that slavery and involuntary servitude shall not exist in the UNITED STATES.  The Amendment does not prohibit "voluntary" servitude.  With the passage of the 14th Amendment "We the People' were suppose to be given the choice of being sovereign citizens under the jurisdiction of God, or 14th Amendment Citizens under the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES government.

Did you get that choice?

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NO, I Did Not!


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