I am Keith Broaders and I am 70 years old. I currently live in Riverside County and I would like to move to the proposed state of Jefferson.

I am looking to rent a room in the home of a fellow patriot. I can be reached at 951-260-7711. I am an administrator on the Constitution Club Website

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You're the creator of The Constitution Club.

Having lived in the State of Jefferson for a few years (in Medford, Oregon), I can tell you there are a number in the area which is a lot larger than just a small area N. Calif. centered in Yreka (Siskiyou County Seat) (pretty much from Redding, CA to I believe as far North as Eugene, OR).  The history on this attempt is quite interesting and they may have succeeded if it were not for Pearl Harbor.  They're darn serious about this particularly in Yreka, in which I still have some friends, one of my best friends who is an attorney there.

If you "Google" State of Jefferson you'll find quite a bit of information. 


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