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The Straw that Broke America's Back

This has got to be the "Last Straw" as it were.

Obummer is about to go over the line. As far as I'm concerned, this guy isn't even an NBC, (Natural Born Citizen), so how is he still President? He belongs in jail as a treasonous traitor to this country and freedom in general. He is by no means the only one doing harm to this nation. He is simply the one highest up on the ladder. The one with the most notoriety.

He has most recently normalized relations with Cuba, (a Communist Nation State) and now is about to authorize $100,000,000,000 to go to the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran!

Yea, that's the right number; $100 Billion, with a B; and it's all borrowed money. Imagine what that kind of money could do here in this country. Especially if we didn't have to borrow it from the "Banksters". That's a cross between Bankers and Gangsters for you unwashed masses out there. There is absolutely NO authority for this action by the Impostor-In-Chief. It's time for Federal Marshals to roll in and start Marching these impostors off to jail where they belong. And to hell with being protected against such action while in session. We have NO obligation to honor the Constitution that "They" ignore.

I don't speak for anyone else, but I personally will no longer tolerate this kind of CRAP! It's time to rise up and start taking these people to jail where they belong. I have not seen one single candidate for President even touch the surface of the REAL issues that matter, like eliminating all the alphabet soup of federal agencies or repealing a single Amendment, or the original/missing Thirteenth Amendment, or the incorporation of this country in 1871. And the list goes on of things NO ONE in Congress is willing to address.

It's time folks. Any suggestions? Comments? Ideas? Actions?

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Here's a taste from what I consider to be a credible source, Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante.  He mentions climate change in a supercharged mode along with drastically whittling down the earth's population (Georgia Guidestones?) as well as referring to a one world order government.  Maybe now most of you will see that we are very, very short on time.

Greart news , did you shake God's hand while you were out there ?

Welcome back and good to have you back 5War! ...perhaps (and hopefully) to witness your efforts were not in vain, God works in mysterious ways, makes life forever more interesting.

I got busted on the greyhound w/ 4 lbs of crystal meth. They picked me out DEA: but i never been busted; don't have a juvenile record or an adult record but still they searched; but b4 they searched me, hand cuffed me then he went through my things and yea i feel he did an illegal search and feel my constitution rights were broken and the feds giving me ten to life. I need advice please.

Ask for a lobotomy you dumb a$$

You want advice jose?

Don't carry Crystal Meth on a Greyhound Bus. Other than that it is hard to fight the "War on Drugs" currently being waged against all of us. But, since it is war they want, I have a feeling it is war they will get. And you know what they say. "All is fair in Love and War".

Yes, send your ten dollars to the constitutional Sheriff and also forty dollars to and Join each state group, then participate and hang on. You can't do it alone.

And ship wreck your budget while you're at it , dah !


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