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The Federal government consists of the national, state, county and city corporations. The revenue generated by the Federal government exceeded 14 trillion dollars.

The national government collected 2.5 trillion dollars in taxes but earned an another 5 trillion dollars in investment income. Congress uses a fraudulent method of accounting and only allocates about one third on the revenue generated to fund the government.

Strange as it may seem, the national government claims that they spent 1.3 trillion dollars more than they took it and because of this deficit it would be necessary to raise taxes and reduce governmental services. In reality the national government generated 7.5 trillion dollars and spent 3.8 trillion. While Congress claims we have a deficit of 1.3 trillion, we actually had a surplus of 3.7 trillion dollars.

Instead of bailing out the banks, why don't we demand that the 3.7 trillion dollar surplus be returned to its rightful owners. As you can see if the national government gave back to the American people the 2.5 trillion that they collected in taxes, the national government would still have a surplus of over a trillion dollars.

The fact is that no Federal taxes are necessary. The national government generates more than enough revenue from invested assets to pay for the governments cost of doing business.

Every tax payer should receive a cash rebate equal to every dollar they had extorted from them by the IRS last year. Can you imagine the economic consequences of such a decision?

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Federal income tax in other words is legalized theft. It should be abolished and "We the People should be reimburse for theft.

Not one penny of your "Income Tax" goes to fund the US Government. The IRS is Not part of the US

Government!! It was cleverly crafted in Puerto Rico and is a collection agency for the Queen of England!

That is where your income tax has always gone! Talk about FRAUD!! When you sign your 1040 form you

are Voluntarily giving your money to the lady on the throne! Pure FRAUD!

Lots of luck trying to  get anybody to pay any attention to this.....they will think you are nuts........they even think they know more about the CAFR & they can't shut up long enough to listen.  They are just so full of themselves & can't think that somebody can possibly know more than they do.  I was told to get the budget, that it would tell more..HA!

I was told that Bill Clinton signed the NESARA into law while he was still in the office of President, is this true?  If so why has it not been published to the PEOPLE?


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