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Of the 435 representatives in Congress 393 of them ran for re-election. Five of them lost in the primary in 2016 and 8 lost in the General Election. Incumbents are re-elected 98% of the time.

Once elected to Congress. the representatives become an elected oligarchy of the financial elite that stay in office for the rest of their lives. Elections have become of a coronation,

Composition of the Oligarchy at the end of 2017

  •     3  Representatives have served for over 40 years,
  •    48 Representatives have served for over 30 years,
  •    85 Representatives have served for over 20 years. 
  •  305 Representatives have served for over 10 years .

These are not statesmen, they are career politicians who represent the Wall Street bankers and corporations. In order to drain the swamp, we the people must stop electing incumbents who have served in Congress a maximum of 4 years.

We can impose term limits when a sufficient number of voters will just say no to career politicians.

Of the 435 Congressmen and women in 2016,  393 sought re-election and 97% of them were re-elected. In the Senate 27 of the 29 Senators who sought re-election were re-elected. Four out of five incumbent Governors were re-elected. In order to regain control of our legislature we need to refuse to elect candidates who have served more than two terms in office.

Seniority in the House of Representatives

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The problem is what if you get a good one and you want to keep him and he wants to serve?

Simply make an exception to the rule and vote for an honest, ethical statesmen, just never vote for career politicians.

How would we know what an "Honest" one looks or sounds like?  There isn't a vetting process in place to run for dog catcher let alone for Senator.  You simply state who you are and they take your word for it and then you're on the ballot.  Remember 'Pathetic Pelosi' vouching for oVomit?  Get the paperwork to run for city council/mayor etc sometime .. any other Civil Service position, besides politician, requires a lot of work besides just whipping out your driver license.

How do we know what a crooked one looks like?

Same. We go by what they DO!

Once we go by what they do, by that time, the Fox is already in the hen house!

I thought about that and the only thing I can submit to you is this. The original question was how do we know what a good one looks or sounds like, because there's no vetting process in place.

I say that's not true. Our common sense and experience with these bad ones has us well equipped to recognize the good ones when we see 'em and consequently, "vet" the bad ones out. It shouldn't be difficult to spot and eliminate the bad ones, BEFORE they get to office, no?

To take the onus off of each and every one of us .. I vote for the Extreme Vetting Process much like immigrants suffer through to become citizens.  This is not a job! This is a civic duty .. do it then go back home to family and friends.

Who vetted Raphael Eduardo 'Ted' Cruz?  He was illegal even before he 'thought' he was a dual citizen. When he renounced his Canadian citizenship he became a man without a country .. I lmao at that cheeky move.  The illegal alien is running again UNOPPOSED.  

20,30 and 40 years of criminal activity is too much with nothing to show except 20 Trillions of debt. 

Then the ultimate goal is to find those who will do a good job and do the job for free.

that ain't gonna happen, now is it?

To drive a car you gotta pass the test!  To get in the military you gotta get through 'Boot Camp'? .That would be extreme 'vetting'!

I'm not saying for free .. put these traitors in a dorm setting as they Are a fraternity. Treat them just like the illegals & cut off their freebies. They will be glad to get their treasonous butts back to their lap of luxury.

Absolute power, corrupts...well, you know.

There are other ways they can help; outside of office.

A good "one" will make little difference in a broken "system."

Representation should NOT be a career.

Too much power in too few hands...and not in the people where it should be.

Good ones, bad ones, its all an illusion. Its just a Vaudeville act to keep the sheep believing and paying. ITS NOT OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!!!  so why the hell would a thinking man even contemplate voting in a rigged system. We have been trying to correct the wrongs of Govco for longer than I have been alive by voting the bums out, however, it soon becomes apparent that we have just replaced the bums with a new set of paid off lackeys that refuse to recognize the corruption of the system and immediately jump right on the agenda of the banksters, furthering the police state. After all, Govco belongs to the banksters so you can't expect anything different to prevail.

I saw a bumper sticker once that said "If we refuse to vote, will they go away?". The answer to that question is "yes". De-facto regimes must have the support of the people to maintain their legitimacy under international law. Voting by the general public is 'proof' of public support. You can't very well vote in an de-facto election and then turn around and claim Govco is acting unfairly. Does anyone with an ounce of brains believe that voting for members of a foreign government will ever serve our purposes?


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