Of the 435 representatives in Congress 393 of them ran for re-election. Five of them lost in the primary in 2016 and 8 lost in the General Election. Incumbents are re-elected 98% of the time.

Once elected to Congress. the representatives become an elected oligarchy of the financial elite that stay in office for the rest of their lives. Elections have become of a coronation,

Composition of the Oligarchy at the end of 2017

  •     3  Representatives have served for over 40 years,
  •    48 Representatives have served for over 30 years,
  •    85 Representatives have served for over 20 years. 
  •  305 Representatives have served for over 10 years .

These are not statesmen, they are career politicians who represent the Wall Street bankers and corporations. In order to drain the swamp, we the people must stop electing incumbents who have served in Congress a maximum of 4 years.

We can impose term limits when a sufficient number of voters will just say no to career politicians.

Of the 435 Congressmen and women in 2016,  393 sought re-election and 97% of them were re-elected. In the Senate 27 of the 29 Senators who sought re-election were re-elected. Four out of five incumbent Governors were re-elected. In order to regain control of our legislature we need to refuse to elect candidates who have served more than two terms in office.

Seniority in the House of Representatives

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So true .. If it WERE our government .. then our vote would count.   If it WERE our government .. those voted in would honor the oath,  But since it ISN'T our government our vote doesn't count and they do not honor the office.

very true, true!

It appears that even the "good" ones actually become just like the rest of them, bad to the bone, not interested in the people , they are only interested in how rich they can make themselves at the expense of the people.

Those we elect to serve in Congress are not representatives, they are ambitious men and women with an insatiable desire to control us and to spend our money. They are supposed to be our servants, but have become our masters. Instead of being the guardians of our liberty, they have become a band of thieves.

Well, I did say NO to Raphael Eduardo 'Ted, as in Ted Kennedy of Camelot' CRUZ .. the illegal alien from Canada foisted upon the Texas populace by the Tea 'Tired' Party aka Mark Meckler et al. Not to mention Crooked John Kornyn.  

Both of the above B.A.R. attorney's ran UNOPPOSED as they had no intention of allowing anyone else on the ballot.  Can we say Mafioso?  Eliminate the opposition!  Nothing to see here.

If, Until and should there ever be honest people running for public offices there needs to be put in place certain measures that would assure the public these people are who they 'present themselves' to be.

When I worked in law enforcement 'everyone' went through a rigorous examination process i.e. written civil servant exam, Drug/Polygraph/Physical/Physiological evaluation.  While you're doing all the aforementioned they were investigating you/your family/friend/associates's history/background.

Not the case now to get into office.  Apparently, any ole' Rahm Emamua/the mussiel or Rolando Pablos/the MEXICAN born NATIONAL DACA brat aka the Texas Secretary of State appointed by our Illustrious Governor Abbott (he has appointed the last two and both have been MEXICAN  NATIONALS).

There is only one way to stop the career politicians. We all know Washington DC cannot fix itself, and (as mentioned in a table above) the success rate for reelected politicians is through the roof. So as mentioned we need to enact term limits. The only way to enact term limits is by 34 states applying to Congress for a Convention of States.

"But we have an ultimate term limit called the ballot box" would be the objection of most of you. Well then let me ask you this. If the ballot box were to be a term limit, then do you support repealing the 22nd amendment which allows for term limits of the president and vice president? Why only enact a constitutional amendment for th president and not for Congress or even the Supreme Court?

Because the one thing Americans couldn't and will never abide is a De Facto King and Queen. That's why.

And leave us not forget that these amendments were by called for by Congress, not the people.

believe it or not, that is just about what we have now!  also we have a supreme court that makes laws, their job is to interpret the Constitution not make laws.  which member of the supreme court do yo think is the king?

Legislating from the bench is the new, common "contact sport" as the now oft provided "authority" supplanting the doctrine of stare decisis, by "the overwhelming majority" rule.  It is pathetic what I see reviewing cases and what these so-called "judges" spew in their rulings.

legislating from the bench is NOT and never has been an authorized addition to the Constitution.  Let us all return to our Constitution and remove all the thieves from office and the bench.

And the rest of the courtroom too while we're at it, eh, Jim?

amen...... The Lord will show us the way to our goal, the one He has had for us from the very beginning.


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