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As the number of dollars in circulation increases,  the value of the dollars decreases. There is over 95 times as much money in circulation today than there was in  100 years ago. The dollar of today has the same purchasing power as a nickel did in 1913.

In 1913 a loaf of bread cost less than 6 cents, according to the Bureau of Labor the average cost of a loaf of bread in $1.42. A gallon of milk which sole for 36 cents now sells for $3.53.

In 1960 you could buy a hamburger at McDonalds for 15 cents and a Hershey Bar cost only 5 cents. A gallon of gas sold for 25 cents and a pack of cigarettes cost just 40 cents.

When I got my first job as a teacher I rented an apartment for $90 a month and had a salary of approximately $700 a month.

When the banks loan money they don't have in their vaults it is known as fractional reserve  banking. For every $100 the banks has in deposits they are permitted to loan out $1,000. This money is created out of thin air and

The loss of the buying power of the dollar is the direct result of increae in the supply of money in circulation

According to the Constitution, Congress has the exclusive authority to regulate the value of our money. Congress did not have the authority to delegate to a privately owned corporation to issue our nation's money.

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