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Today when bankers issues our nation's money  they control the economy as well as the people. Those that issue the money create the money as a debt instrument. Those that currently receive this money become debtors and the bankers become their creditors.

The Congress hired 2 million laborers to help in restoring out nations, roads, bridges and levees and paid them $50,000 each it would cost  one hundred billion dollars.

If that money was issued by the U.S. Treasury it would not need to be borrowed. Instead of borrowing money and paying interest we could eliminate the necessity of paying interest of the money we borrow.

In the Constitution in Article I Section 8 Clause 5 Congress is assigned the responsibility to create money but, was not authorized to transfer that authority to any other agency of private banking institution. The word coin used in this article is a verb that authorizes Congress to create money. Money created by Congressional authority is debt free while the money created the banking institutions are not.

According John Adams there are only two ways enslave a nation, the first is by conquering him militarily and second way is to drown him in debt. it is clear the borrower is also the servant to the lender.

The government of the United States spends 2.6 trillion dollars to service the debt, but if Congress were issue its own debt free currency we could reduce the cost of government by nearly 40% while lowering taxes and increasing employment and the prosperity of the American people.

How to Retire the National Debt in Two Years

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very well put, people need to keep in mind that goods do not fluctuate in value with the exception of supply and demand. Labor is always needed as there is always something which needs repaired, constructed, ect. The point is that when prices fluctuate it is an illusion so to speak and in truth the Federal reserve notes are what fluctuates in value based on how many are in print. This is why the Gold standard and the Constitutional Dollar by definition has a weight and purity within the definition.  I have read information that The United States is in its 3rd or 4th bankruptcy. Which is why we can within the law use promissary notes aka an IOU to satisfy our debts and if this note is denied the debt by law is paid through refusal of acceptance. The problem lies in the Corporate takeover and years later outsourcing of labor to cheaper labor pools. Could this be an act of treason and war upon the republic?

"Could this be an act of treason and war upon the republic?"


Congress has the authority to create the money and the responsibility to regulate the value thereof. Congress has the responsibility to regulate the value of currency by only issuing new money as the people produce more goods and services. Fractional Reserve Banking needs to be prohibited and as long as the money is issued when goods and services are produced the value of the currency will be debased/

Just Common Sense! We must eliminate Central Banking, the FED, their collection agency (the IRS) & hold them (who made their hijack of our country possible), personally responsible! Justice & Mercy where applicable.

The Federal Reserve Act (1913) was not lawful and has never been. We are not debtors and do not owe money we had no consent over creating, but are being forced against our will by congress, senate, treasurer, and White House to use a counterfeit currency.

4 years ago the citizens of Iceland declared the international bankers criminals and figured they actually owed only 4% of the debt they were being held responsible for, removed all politicians that would not quit dealing with the bankers, created their own monetary system, and kicked the bankers out of the country on threat that if they did not leave immediately they would be imprisoned. It worked there, we should be able to do it! 

Mr. Cole, I doubt it could work like Icelands success because the entanglements with global politics is 100's of times more complex. But it could work,

Notice, Iceland made a new constitution in the process.

America's constitution is very well written, but there are a few areas that need amendment. Freedom of speech is the critical one. In a country the size of Iceland, information vital to survival is shared and understood by the entire population in a matter of months, perhaps without undue reliance on telephones or other technology.

In America, we cannot even get 10% on the same page and many have a sense we are going to be dying like flies soon,

So that is really the first challenge here.

To accept that challenge in order to use our first constitutional right, Article V, the right to alter or abolish, is our only real chance at survival.

BTW, 2 years before the fed reserve was created, 2/3 of the states had applied for an Article V convention. Congress violated the law, their oath and the constitution when refusing to call a convention.

The states were trying to stop leaving the gold standard.


What we are facing is corruption of the hearts and minds of men. I have found that the study of law must consist of comprehension of Divine Universal Law from God effecting the entire creation. This would include Cannon and ecclesiastical law.

Further move your way through history and the legal documents left by our ancestors including maritime, common, equity, Military and Roman in all its forms etc. Keep in mind when defining the terms used in these documents, the first definition should be in the "definition of terms" at the beginning of the document. If it does not exist there, then refer to Black's Law dictionary. If you cannot find it there refer to a Webster’s, or the like. Reread History and know the truth.

The Roman civil and Maritime is where the capitalization and the Declaration of being a living being of God’s creation comes into play. Keep in mind that when you enter a courtroom you are standing in a temple to God regardless of the higher power you believe in The first law is the Word of God and this temple is set up to Practice the law in all its forms from divine to common it is all acceptable.

The problem is most people do not know how to represent themselves let alone comprehend the aforementioned truth. The fact remains that all of Creation is a courtroom and all things are recorded into the "Book of Life" and upon the record. Therefore the actions of men through free will are the outward manifestations of Gods gifts (free will and life itself) of the inner workings of Man being subject first and foremost to the Natural laws of Creation and the Word of God.

The actions of a man can tell you about his personal relationship and understanding of his willfull subjectedness to God's will and laws. We must first redress our individual selves within Divine law and the Word of God and that is the common goal mankind is searching for and so desperately needs. A SIMPLE SOLUTION for a clear heart and mind free of ego.

When one truly understands the gold standard it was just another big con. 

Under the gold standard the bank kept the gold and loaned a promise to pay gold.  They loaned out as least 10 times more promises to pay then they had gold.  Therefore the people were still working on debt based money just like they are now. 

Over time many things have been used for money. It doesn’t make any difference what is used for money.  The difference is whether the money is debt free or debt based.  If money is debt free the people can’t be slaves to debt.  If money is debt based the people will always be slaves to debt and to the people who create the money.    

Byron, Please use the following page to post whatever you want in order to educate the members of the website. Call me at 951-282-3271 If you need any help in posting articles in your folder.

You are dead right on the only way to get out of the harness of perpetual debt.

There are several problems with actually getting it accomplished. Since the media is just as corrupt as the government, getting the public informed and on board with taking action on it will be a monumental task. Who can we trust to head up a movement to motivate the public? Who is NOT a two faced politician that can and will do the job?

Newt Gingrich? who isn't owned by the banks? Mike Huckabee? Our Justice department can't indict criminal politicians who are obviously guilty of crimes against the state, let alone the powers behind the crooked politicians. So, who, how, when does something as great an idea as this is get rolling?

I have an opinion on how to correct our financial problems, and expect our members to point out any mistakes I may not be aware of.

We all talk of our corporate judicial system. Whether we use that one or the Constitutional Citizen Grand Jury Courts, the law and remedies are the same. Any agreements and/or legislation that violates the US Constitution or the bogus Administrative Corporate Constitution is fraud which makes all null and void.

We have so many issues that can be declared fraud. Why don't we just do it?

Is there a lawful reason why the Federal Reserve, IRS, and Federal Reserve Notes can't be abolished in five minutes? What about the bankers and our national debt? First, show me the debt. I see debt as hard earned physical capital put up by one party and due to be paid back by the recipient. Show me where some individual,  or groups of individuals "deposited" actual personal wealth "at risk" to loan it to America in expectations for a return on their "investment". Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't all our national debt created out of thin air? Then it's magically leveraged! If so, I wish to know WHO, name them, is due a payment for their "actual" investment. (If this is somehow legal, I'm starting my own Personal Reserve Banking System and will loan anyone MY reserve notes, with interest.)

It's banking, so there should be a paper trail of deposit slips or stock purchases to identify the investers and their deposit/stocks should add up to what was "borrowed". If no hard money was invested, America has no debt and there is no entity to default to! America can't default if there's no "injured party". (Imagine other nations doing the same.)

It was fraud from the beginning and there is no expiration date on fraud. America can just wipe the slate clean and stop making payments to an invisible entity (Federal Reserve) that never was constitutional to create in the first place. If a disagreement ensues, let's go to court, either one! When they, the so-called bankers, can't show that they deposited money, we sue for treble damages for all the illegal payments made from day one. Oops!!! The international so-called bankers are bankrupt and owe America and each Citizen and their heirs who paid taxes on the so-called debt. How much does that come to? I'm not sure there's enough money on the planet to cover it. Done!

Let's use the KISS method to keep it simple. How about we look at it like the Monopoly Game. We can't be playing with more money then what came in the box! Change the rules anyway you like but there's only so much money to play with. Somebody must be cheating!

Let's do this for every unconstitutional legislation on the books. It's fraud and we're done with it! Anything Congress does that's unconstitutional is null and void, no matter how long it takes us to figure it out. Any nation, banks, countries, and individuals that make treaties and agreements that are contrary to our constitution are out of luck. Our Constitution is on-the-record internationally for all to witness. Ther is no fine print or hidden chapters! Any entity that isn't aware of it's content did not do their due dilligence. Shame on them, especially if they are banks, businesses, or countries. Professionals should know the laws of agreements. We have professionals, on both sides, fluent in international laws and customs. Where are they?

Everyone keeps repeating the fairytale that America owes China and others. Maybe, maybe not. Show me! I heard a rumor that Hillary signed agreements to China to give "powers of emminant domain" for security on their investment. Did Congress AND the American people approve of this secret transaction? I don't think so. Let the buyer beware! China knows she can't do that without OUR approval, so they were aware of the fraud and are compicit. Was it fraud?

We can use this type of legal/lawful strategy for most of America's troubles today. How much legislation or treaties are unconstitutional? How many Federal agencies are unconstitutional? How many Ammendments weren't ratified lawfully? Return the country to the states and the people. It's the simple solution.

Simple yet highly complex in reality. Your post was 2 and a half years ago yet with a change in the Whitehouse Republicans in both houses have control and still we get screwed.

It boils down to balls over power and money. Nobody has the balls except Trump and he doesn't seem to be able to find a few good men.


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