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Today when bankers issues our nation's money  they control the economy as well as the people. Those that issue the money create the money as a debt instrument. Those that currently receive this money become debtors and the bankers become their creditors.

The Congress hired 2 million laborers to help in restoring out nations, roads, bridges and levees and paid them $50,000 each it would cost  one hundred billion dollars.

If that money was issued by the U.S. Treasury it would not need to be borrowed. Instead of borrowing money and paying interest we could eliminate the necessity of paying interest of the money we borrow.

In the Constitution in Article I Section 8 Clause 5 Congress is assigned the responsibility to create money but, was not authorized to transfer that authority to any other agency of private banking institution. The word coin used in this article is a verb that authorizes Congress to create money. Money created by Congressional authority is debt free while the money created the banking institutions are not.

According John Adams there are only two ways enslave a nation, the first is by conquering him militarily and second way is to drown him in debt. it is clear the borrower is also the servant to the lender.

The government of the United States spends 2.6 trillion dollars to service the debt, but if Congress were issue its own debt free currency we could reduce the cost of government by nearly 40% while lowering taxes and increasing employment and the prosperity of the American people.

How to Retire the National Debt in Two Years

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Let's write him a Three Cent Letter and tell him that we are ready to serve in his Cabinet. He will wonder how we sent the letter for three cents if nothing else. Perhaps we will actually get his attention.

Here is another link to mailing a three cent letter. In case you think this is just a farce or a joke, think again. This is REAL FRAUD perpetuated by our own government.

You stated: "Is there a lawful reason why the Federal Reserve, IRS, and Federal Reserve Notes can't be abolished in five minutes"?  The Answer is no.  However, there are some very good reasons why you wouldn't want to do that. First off, you need to understand that all money is created As interest-bearing loans.  This is how it's done. When someone goes to a bank and ask for a loan. The banker agrees to the loan.  The borrower is required to sign a promissory note promising to pay the banker backed the Principal Plus the interest.

The Promissory note goes on the books as a liability to the borrower, and an asset to the banker. Then, the banker for the amount borrowed into the borrowers checking account. By adding numbers to the checking account. When the borrower writes a check and spends the money. That money goes into circulation. Russell Munk of the United States treasury Stated it  this way.  "The actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit, private commercial banks."The bank does this by "simply making book entries for its loan depositors saying you have a deposit  with us". 

Now if you simply abolished The Federal Reserve Reserve Notes. The banks would go on creating money just like they are now.  The only difference would be. We would have no paper currency.  What causes all problems is that all money is created as interest-bearing debt. Only this principle goes in circulation but the principle and interest has to be paid back. Or, the banks will come out and take everything The borrower has. Money is created when loans are issued and debts incurred, money is extinguished when loans repaid. The money that one borrower uses to pay interest on a loan has been created somewhere else else in the economy by another loan.  When the banking system owns all the money in the world. Just think of all the power they have.  Until that is changed nothing will change.


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