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In one of his plays William Shakespeare revealed that the fear of death makes cowards of us all. He was absolutely true and the reason the people of the world continue to b enslaved is because they have become paralyzed by the fear of death.

Those who hold us captive are well aware that in order to control us all that they need to do is makes us afraid of real or imaginary threats. 

Only men and women with that are able to overcome their fear are capable of freedom. Only the courageous few are able to make life worth living. The truly succeed in life, we must summon the courage to face our fear and refuse to surrender to it.

Courage comes the from faith in knowing that our willingness to defend the principles of liberty will not go unrewarded. I believe as did our founding fathers that there is a Creator and that we were endowed with certain unalienable rights including the right to life, liberty and the pursue of happiness. I believe that when diabolic men seek to rob us of our divine inheritance it is our right and duty to fight to preserve those rights.

We were not born to live in a cage, we were born to be free and given the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our own labor.  This right has been taken from us due to our collective willingness to allow the financial elite to take that which is rightfully ours.

Individually we are weak, but collectively the people have the power to move mountains. If a sufficient number of the people summon a little courage we will collectively have the courage necessary to restore our lost liberty.

We can begin to overthrow injustice and inequality by refusing to obey unjust laws.

A man who is afraid of death is not capable of fulfilling the measure of his creation. As long as your are held captive by fear you will only become a shadow of what you could and should be.

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