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Well now it CANNOT be denied. Our government is in Default. You must see this.

Watch This Video - The Whole Thing

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I disagree, Bill.  First of all, "income" has NOT been lawfully identified by the government, hence, everyone is paying money on alleged "income" which is NOT income... that is, the wages of private individuals NOT working for the government.  Income is a corporate profit, or unearned wealth, but it STILL must be applied lawfully according to apportionment or according to uniformity.

The letter of the law is being misapplied.  14th Amendment citizens (federal citizens) are made so through fraud which vitiates it all.  This is ZERO lawful authority for government to be doing ANYTHING against private citizens of their respective states.

I DO agree with the racial issue... that is, the 14th Amendment citizenship issue, for those who did NOT have citizenship at the time and were made "federal citizens" and then the rest were roped into this through fraud. 

Everyone under the direct oversight of congress has always been subject to a tax on their labor.  They do not have the same exact rights as did the people who are only citizens of a state.  For them, the current income tax is constitutional.

14th subjects are fed citizens and thus subject to all fed laws - including the income tax laws.

The fraud is in imposing the tax laws upon state born or naturalized whites since constitutionally, they are not subject to municipal law.

Knowledge is power and truth sets us free, but ONLY if we apply both.

This is all very entertaining banter. The fact remains that THEY own the jackboots, courts and prisons. When we speak of laws, justice and Rights, who are we speaking to? Sure, they don't have jurisdiction, but try to stand up to them by yourself. Like any organized crime syndicate, they will defend their turf. We need larger numbers to stand up in unison. It is slowly going that way though. Education from various groups are slowly waking the masses up. The criminal syndicate has been getting desperate lately, and their recent knee-jerk reactions are causing attention to their scams. They are causing enough commotion to have the lights directed to their corrupt activities. The house of cards they have created will eventually fall. I expect their last acts of desperation to be an ugly one though.


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