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Is Building a Wall on Our Southern Border a Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Is Building a Wall on Our Southern Border a Good Idea or bad idea? Please give me your opinion in the comment section below.

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A Wall is needed whether that is a brick and mortar, concrete or wooden structure, a zapping laser beam, monitored cameras, an electrified fence of some kind, or a manned patrolling of that border.... or whatever other form of securing it against illegal trespassing and crossing... This is a must for the new  American Domestic Defense Initiative that needs to stop the illegal alien, slave, terrorist, drug, counterfeit currency, merchandise and other contraband trafficking across that border into our country that endangers our lives, our families, our friends, our property, our neighborhoods, our commerce and our nation’s economic stability!

There's a good point to be made here and that is this. If you or I simply choose to grow our own garden, we are accused of producing a negative affect on commerce. But if an illegal immigrant comes to this soil, his impact on commerce is never taken into account.

We absolutely must have a border wall.  Most countries have borders protected.  We haven't been doing our job to protect our own!!!

Not needed

Building a wall on the Mexican border is long overdue.  The Mexicans have over run the border towns and then some. Any other country you might want to visit will not let you in without stating why you are there and how long you plan on staying. They have strict rules in place. Its  wonderful to see our standards coming up to what the rest of the world has been operating on!

Bad idea. Real Texians don't want #FedGov on our soil whether it's building a wall or trying to catch criminals who want to cross our borders illegally.

Our 10-15,000,000 Texas Militia are quite capable of guarding the north-south-east-west borders of the Lone Star Republic.

If Texas is so good at protecting their own borders, then why haven't they done it? And while we're at it, why can't they keep the Feds out of their business?
I suggest you fire up that Militia and handle it.
Oh, wait. Calling forth the Militia takes an act of Congress, right?
Check Art. I, section 8, clause 15. Then call your Congressman and tell him to do HIS job.

Let me clarify. There is no Texas Constitutional Militia. But our radio show is attempting to rectify that. And we don't need an act of Congress to call it forth when matters pertain to State powers (states don't have rights, only persons do).

Find an education on Facebook by joining the pages of "Edwin Vieira Jr."; "daniel vincent mcgonigle iii"; "david callihan". You'll also find a slew of info on "the Militia of the several States" by doing a UBoob search on "edwin vieira militia".

I lived in TX in the 70's, 40+ yrs ago. Hunted deer.
One morning early, before daylight, was staked out on a mountainside.
Saw some movement to my right about daylight'.
There they were 3 Males, headed north. Must have walked all night.
One wore white shoes and sport coat only. Damn it was cold!!! Put my scope on them and thought about pulling off a shot ahead of their path but didn't. They 'Latin Americans' have been illegally entering our land for years!!!
So, we institute states rights to defend themselves against invasion, yes?
So call your Congressman!


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