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Who is willing to go to West Virginia? No more time for posting to educate people on Government and the frauds committed!!!!  It's time for ACTION!!!!

People can Carpool, Vanpool, SUV pool, or Motor Home pool it to W. Virginia.

All you need is money to split gas costs, money for your food, and money for a room to share. Mike has a wonderful discount plan for rooms. When the cost is shared it makes it more economical for everyone.

Those who are serious about going, get with people in your state and get 7 - 10 to go or however many you can get in the Transport you will be taking.

But, for now, I want to know who in this Club is going?

Please put your name in the comment section. I will get in touch with you. This is my job in helping West Virginia. Getting the names of those who are going and talk with you, whether by phone, e-mail or messages in here. You may friend me also.

Morton and Mike are going, WHO ELSE?????

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Here's some critical information. When YOU go to WV to stand with them to remove the "actors" and corporations that are pretending to "represent" their citizens, YOU are helping YOUR home state. Here's how. Only after WV is successful in cleaning out their house will ALL the states get the message that we are on to them and ticked-off! It makes it easier for the remaining states to be saved. I expect most representatives and judges to scurry like cockroaches when the light goes on, because that's what is happening. WE will be turning on the lights for all Americans to see the crimes and treason being committed. They won't care to be around when the rest of America comes looking for them. The WV ordeal will be peaceful and lawful, and all "According to Hoyle". For the remaining states afterwards, I can't guarantee that the average individual will be so polite. The images of tar and feathers keeps haunting my imagination.

Lets place a positive light on this subject. We all sit here whining and complaining that things aren't right. We all proclaim that somebody should do something. Yes, everyone of us are correct. Somebody should! That somebody is YOU!

As children we learned about the foundation of this country and the Revolutionary war. Well isn't that just special? It goes down in history as a nice patriotic "story".

Now, WE get to MAKE history. When will anyone ever get the chance to tell their grandchildren how WE, yourself included, fought off a criminal empire and saved OUR country and returned hundreds of millions of people to an honest Republic and freedom like none of us has ever experienced? Who would like to know that America can be the inspiration for the entire World to take back each country's freedom from the exact same criminal empire. This is your opportunity to BE a patriot. That chance rarely comes our way. Will you seize the opportunity or allow it to slip away because you have a picnic to attend? Will YOU be the face of freedom, or would you rather read about how it's supposed to be? You can report and blog about it by being there in-person. Make a recording to document for your family that YOU "represented" what freedom is about and made it happen. You ARE the face of freedom! America needs you right now. Be there.

You know Mike, 

I hate to say it, but the very words you use to poo poo the words we write ARE the very words that NEEDED to be written, mostly because you're right and people needed to hear it/read it. But remember it can never happen until we exchange those words to make sure we are all undertaking the same objective.

Carpe Diam, Molon Labe and Bon Apatite

It was an eye opening experience for me to come to terms with the accusations I was implying, as I can relate to being just as guilty of the same.

Maybe we can look at this like yet another one of those 12 step programs.
Step 1 is we need to admit that there's a problem.
Step 2 is that WE are the problem. WE allowed the charade to grow.
Oh, that hurts! WE collectively allowed this evil game to go on for way too many decades.
Step 3 thru 12, do something! It ain't gonna happen without imparting effort and inconvenience. But keep our eye on the goal, it's worth the effort.

I and several here locally will be making the 6000 mile round trip to WV when enough professional people are gathered and the word to do so from the facilitators are sanctioned.  I think initially, some of you should consider going to Gilbert, WV this coming weekend to assist Gene and Phil in attempting to get support from the Oath Keepers.  They, the Oath Keepers will need to renounce all past oaths of office they took or are presently a party to and would be required to take a lawful oath and signature rescission.  

Sorry , my family is still in a bad way ; I can't go ; good luck to you all ; keep us posted ; Joey and I will be watching .

I found this quote on another website. I think it is appropriate in all our discussions, and this one in particular, because WE can do something.

You/we say that it must be fixed.

There are four people who can do the job:

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, & Nobody.

Everybody thinks Somebody will surely do it.

Its a job Anybody can do - but Nobody is doing it.

At least I'm trying. What are you doing?


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