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When parents bring a child into the world it is their God given responsibility to preserve, protect and defend that child as well as  to educate them.  When you send your child to a government school for 13 years to be programmed you are like the sheep that send their lambs to a school run by wolves.

Government schools program our children to become robots that are incapable of critical thinking. They are  taught what to think rather than on how to think. They are rewarded for coloring inside of the lines and punished when they think outside of the box. Conformity is rewarded and creativity is discouraged.

Teaching and testing all of the students on a common curriculum is like trying to teach a fish to climb a tree or ride a bike.

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Americans have grown fat, whiny, and lazy. They have become addicted to iphones, Facebook, Texting and the 'EASY BUTTON'. A big part of pushing the EASY BUTTON is letting good old Govco have the job of edumacating our children to be good slaves. Hardly anyone is interested with being burdened with the task of instilling critical thinking skills or moral attributes in their children, after all, isn't that what the public schools are for?

Letting Govco do the job frees up more time to pursue making more money so we can buy one of those cars that practically drives itself [on credit, of course]. What would the neighbors think if we had an old beater in the driveway? I'm 80 years old and I've never owned a new car or truck---and I've never had to make a car payment either. It looks like critical thinking has gone the way of the dinosaur. Its just not needed anymore when you leave it all to the masters of deception.

Daniel I agree. Americans have grown fat and Lazy. I do not think that is the problem. The food we eat with all of its chemicals and the gmo foods are making us fat and lazy. I see the problems as People don't want to wake up. Most people are more willing to sleep with the devil they know than to face the unknown. If they actually woke up and faced reality they would feel compelled to act. Acting would mean they would risk giving up what they see as the things that make their life comfortable and enjoyable. If we throw out the masters we lose society as it is. We would risk losing heat and air conditioning. They risk losing the ability to go to the local store to fill all their needs. They have also been programmed over the last 150+ years to believe in the power of the central government. How many here grew up saying the pledge of allegiance every day at school. Private or public school you did this. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist. We do not live in one nation, we live in one of 50 sovereign republics and the union is not indivisible. The government can be lawfully altered or abolished.

Absolutely right, Keith, and "indivisible" is also not correct if secession is a valid truth, as you allude to.

Secession is a valid truth. The Constitution was a contract the States entered into. When one party violates a contract the other party can nullify the contract. The southern States felt the federal government of the time and Lincoln were violating the Constitution. They chose to void the contract and leave the union. Our current President chose to void NAFTA and renegotiate a treaty more to his liking. He could have voided the agreement just as the southern States chose to void the agreement they had.

Texas was the only state that was a republic and joined the USA, by treaty and was specifically given the right to secede.

Texas did exercise their treaty given right to secede from the USA and promptly joined their neighboring states in the CSA.

They along with their neighboring states were brought back into the USA under force of arms.

So far, since the splitting of the atom, I can't name anything, on this planet cannot be divided.

The foundation of the constitution is the Declaration of Independence and the Bible is the foundation of the Declaration of Imdependence.

It is in the "Law of Nature and Nature's God," as cited as the source of our unalienable rights, in the Declaration. The Constitution points to the Declaration and the Declaration points to the Source, our God.

Natural law to the founders referred to universal truths, political and moral. Always accountable to God. Man has reason, yes, but accountable to God. Universal morality. Universal truth. The nature of being human, made in Hs image, gives us, access to truth, sovereignty over ourselves, responsibility to others and to God. And the purpose of govt, is to secure and protect those rights. It is far more than eat or be eaten, like wild animals. You ignore the fact that we are spirit, living inside a body, thus, there are natural laws, but spirit is first. In His image.

Well said Jeanine,

Couldn't have said it any better.

Natural law is also in part, revealed law. Men are men. Women are women. Binary. Along with gravity, God's physics, astronomy, senses provided for us to participate in life. It is not just animal eat animal. It gives us the challenges to overcome, such as going to the moon or Mars. Oceanography, wind and water currents. Those are of God. not man.


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