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When parents bring a child into the world it is their God given responsibility to preserve, protect and defend that child as well as  to educate them.  When you send your child to a government school for 13 years to be programmed you are like the sheep that send their lambs to a school run by wolves.

Government schools program our children to become robots that are incapable of critical thinking. They are  taught what to think rather than on how to think. They are rewarded for coloring inside of the lines and punished when they think outside of the box. Conformity is rewarded and creativity is discouraged.

Teaching and testing all of the students on a common curriculum is like trying to teach a fish to climb a tree or ride a bike.

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open a blank writer document, weather Libre, open office, word or some other. Close everything but that blank page and this discussion. for simplicity.   then (ALT Tab) Go tot the first page of this discussion.    Click CTrl A then Ctrl C then Alt tab to get back to the blank document and Alt V.   At the end of what you just created, do the same thing for the second page. Now save it , then edit out the extra parts that copied with the discussion.    Ctrl A  highlights a page,   Ctrl C copies what is highlighted. Alt tab skips between open windows,  Ctrl V  pastes what you copied. Ctrl S saves.     Now you can past this edited version any where you want.   or you can use this link to here;

I always cringed when I heard Hillary make that statement. Then I heard others repeat it. Occasionally I would interject that it was not the village but the family that raised a child.   That would get me the usual " oh here we go again"

What do you say to someone like her? I have no words. Yet there are apparently many more just like her, who would usurp power at the drop of a hat under the guise of "Public Safety". I point to our current situation for evidence of this.

When the states and the Feds act in unison, in a clear attempt to violate our rights and exceed limits on their powers, you can be sure the people will soon exert their true authority and the blood of Patriots and Tyrants will again be spilled.

p.s. -  "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Ben Franklin

The cure is worse than the disease. At this point we know how to defeat this virus, now do it. It's time! Every one knows the worst we can have. We are in it now. Time to open the closed business! Wear your mask, wash your hands, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer and lets get back to work!

Yes, this could have been a targeted response instead of a one-size-fits-all response. Sequester the aged, the infirmed. Let the healthy live, work, play.  Just read today two more restaurants closed in my area today.

They always talk about herd immunity when trying to force everyone to get vaccines. Corona virus is virtually nothing for the healthy individual.

They could have sequestered all those who are 70 + and seriously ill and let everyone else go about. We would have people getting sick and then get better and develop immunity.

Then after 2 months we would have established herd immunity. Corona would be  no longer any real viable threat to anyone.

I wish to thank those who run this site.

Once, I would have believed everything the government was spewing out at us. I believed the government could do the things they were doing. I believed the police were our protectors. Thanks to those here and some others in other groups I have learned hard facts.

The government has and is creating a society that believes the government is all powerful and is the only way we can be safe. They are the ones to be called upon in any trouble. We should put all our faith in them. This is all a lie.

They are programming our kids in the schools and through our TV shows and through you-tube recommended channels. They are watching everything and listening to everything we do. They are tracking our movements through our i-phones and android phones. We accept all this technology yet it is their primary tool against us.

With this corona fear, they are now trying to eliminate schools and just program kids directly over computer internet. Now you will be "learning" yet they can also do the subliminal messaging through the computer screens.

Click here to read about this idea of "The Creators"

This passage is from The Chronicle of Akakor, page 11, the written history of the earliest origin known, approx. 10,481 B.C.

"This is the Story. The history of the Chosen Servants. In the beginning all was chaos. Men lived like animals, without reason, and without knowledge, without laws and without tilling the soil, without clothing themselves or even covering their nakedness. They knew nothing of the secrets of nature. They lived in groups of two or three, as accident had brought them together, in caves or rock crevices. They walked on all fours until the Gods arrived: They brought the light."

 I'm a little sick of this bickering back and forth over belief systems and that's exactly what they are. So don't come off as though your belief system is in any way factual. You guys love to quote the Bible as your basis for some factual representation of the truth. Unfortunately for you Bible thumpers there are hundreds of varying belief systems on planet earth and all or most of them have their own book [bible] of references to bolster their beliefs. None, not a single one can prove any of their beliefs with FACTS and that's why they are called beliefs.

Of course everyone thinks their system is the only system and its been that way for thousands of years. How else can you get a 19 year old to strap on a sword and a shield [or a gun] and walk into a slaughter.  They believe, because someone told them, that dying wasn't the end of the road. If you live a good life and sacrifice it for the good of mankind you will live forever---somewhere, or you'll get a couple of dozen virgins when you get there.

Who created these religions in the first place? People who figured out they could reap the goodies from the workers by claiming to have an inside track with the Creator on everything. Yes, support me with a mere 10% of your energy and follow a few rules and you get -----ETERNAL LIFE!!!!

All religions are a formal institution of a type of government. I personally see the Bible as a book of laws, most of which seem to make sense. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  I would venture to say that almost every religion on earth has the same intonement. That pretty well sums it up doesn't it? How much more does one have to know about living a good and honorable life?

I think the purpose of this site is for the purpose of us helping each other, not to prove what astute Biblical scholars we are. 


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