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It would seem that N. Korea now wants piece of the middleEast

Mizan News Agency:

North Korea threatens to nuke Turkey

The North Korean leader has threatened that Turkey will be nuked by Pyongyang if Ankara takes action against Russia, Ad-Diyar – an Arabic language daily newspaper in Lebanon – quoted informed sources as saying. Kim Jong-un has warned that if Turkey confronts Russia or lends support to ISIS in Syria and Iraq, it will come under nuclear attacks by North Korea, the Lebanese daily added. The North Korean leader has also promised to wipe Turkey off the map if Ankara takes part in the Syrian war and cooperates with the US and helps ISIS. That North Korea has talked about regional conflicts such as Iraq and Syria which are battling a war [against ISIS], can be viewed as Pyongyang’s support for Russia in the fight against terrorism, sources say.

I would say  that the day of truth comes closer as we struggle to fathom the deeds of a Narcissistic World  Oligarchy  (NWO) CIA has finger prints all over this.

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