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Jade Helm and the American Massacre

Friday, May 1, 2015 3:13

(Before It's News)  by Zen Gardner

I’m prefacing my thoughts with this provocative title for a reason. What is being perpetrated on the American people is virtually a complete dissembling of everything they supposedly hold dear and will only lead to their ultimate destruction. A nationwide massacre of their infrastructure, personal rights and protection, and even livelihoods and food security is not only at stake, but now in progress.
Let me number my points.

1) Jade Helm is a military exercise endorsed by the American government and perpetrated on its own people in complete violation of not just the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878  but is a total an affront on every civil liberty the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is supposed to espouse and maintain.

2. Occupying sovereign territory with a nation’s own armies indicates the very people for which a government was established to help provide for and protect are their declared enemy.

3. The fabricated external threat of terrorism has been deftly translated into meaning that anyone challenging the status quo, be it political, economic or psycho-spiritual, is the enemy. Not external enemies but domestic, as has always been the case, but openly declared since the first so-called Patriot Act. Dissent has become illegal and they’ve virtually declared any thinking American an enemy of the State with a litany of laws, rules and regulations at their disposal while mechanisms set in place long ago to protect personal rights have been eviscerated.

4. The very massive size of this operation and the vast amounts of military hardware pouring into distribution locations around the country indicates this is not just an exercise, but a stealth occupation, at the very least designed to intimidate and acclimatize the American mindset to living in virtual martial law conditions, while they step up their preparations for worse social conditions to come.

5. As wars rage on against supposed terrorists abroad, targeting a nation’s own citizens in such draconian measures makes absolutely zero sense when hardly a non-government induced “terror” incident has transpired. Many more have died from medical and pharmaceutical abuse, police killings and even strikes by lightning, along with a host of other causes. Where’s the big brave justice league on the real problems?

6. The inherent doctrines of personal freedom and individual sovereignty are being violated with abject impunity, a repugnant affront on human dignity.

7. The question haunts: who’s even noticing? Besides those that fall for the supposed need for such a massive operation, how many are totally ignorant that it is even happening?

And the Potential Outcome of Such a Maneuver?

1. Anything could trigger this operation to go “live” as has happened repeatedly with such staged government sponsored operations.
2. One resisting individual, real, or more plausibly planted, could cause a chain reaction of events that would be devastating.
3. A typical false flag attack on these infiltrating government deployed forces would easily justify a strong armed response, be the incident a lone personal reaction, staged sniper fire, a planted bomb on a military vehicle, or something or things much worse. Such triggers within a staged drill or exercise have proven to work time and again.
4. Problem-reaction-solution. Since they’ve created the problem of imposing military control and its intrusions on personal freedoms, so-called practiced or otherwise, the reaction would no doubt be begged. Once the reaction appears from whatever quarter, real or simply reported to have happened, the justification for full on mobilization against the American people, designed from the outset, goes into play. Confiscation of guns and all potential weapons is clearly on the agenda as they’ve been practicing for years following natural and unnatural disasters. Precious metals, large amounts of cash, and even stockpiled food could easily be on the list as well.

This Jade Helm 15 operation is no simple exercise. At the very least it is conditioning Americans for more control, even less personal freedom in the metastasizing surveillance state, and something worse in the near future. The bare fact remains that too many will fall for it and continue to stand back in fear and obedience to false, illegitimately imposed fascist controls backed by brute force.
The time is now to withdraw your consent and participation in such fear and obeisance mongering.
See what is happening for what it is. And sound the alarm. Our full awareness of the nature of these staged operations and broadcasting it far and wide has pushed them back before, and we can do it again. Let your awareness, indignation and refusal to accept this be known far and wide.
And be prepared. They’re up to no good and it’s all completely staged for specific reasons. Don’t give them the response they want.
Stay lit with truth.
Spread the word, disengage from their systems, and keep your peace.

Love, Zen

The post Jade Helm and the American Massacre appeared first on Zen Gardner.

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No matter how hard we've worked for numbers of yrs. to wake people up, we cannot control the one person who might go ballistic !  And in this large a populace w/ so many frustrated, uninformed souls, when SHTF it's nearly a forgone conclusion there will be one.....& that's all it'll take for mob mentality to take over, giving them the excuse they've been waiting for to declare martial law.

I might humbly suggest getting out of any urban areas, gathering supplies for several weeks, & make yourself right w/ whatever "source" you have faith in because whether you survive it or not, your bases are covered.

Well said Bonnie,

And may I add that the word Prepper may also be included in the definition of Domestic Terrorist. It is obvious to any with eyes at this point that we stand upon the precipice of reality. All who heed the Boy Scout Motto - "Be Prepared" will be ahead of the game.

Hey Dan,

Instead of trying to build a fortress, be ready to bug out instead. A fortress can become a jail. Have yourself ready for any scenario including surviving in the wild.

and I thought (privately) that I had it bad !!! Nothing cures the "poor me's" like hearing of someone elses woes. You sure have more than your share ! I must applaud you for the "can do" attitude of not feeling sorry for yourself & giving up !  Been through hell myself more times than I care to enumerate, but I refuse to be brought to my knees. I go around humming that old Gloria Gaynor tune....."I WILL SURVIVE....(as long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive). Sorry your dick is broken add salt to the wounds.  lol

Why not explore the possibilities now,  just for a diversion if nothing else. Depending on your locality, most militias have a place for anyone. My area (Fla.) had 3-4 groups to chose from. After a humiliating first attempt, I got lucky. Don't fall for the youtube bs of strapping, young studs running through the woods from tree to tree w/ big guns. A good militia needs them too. But they also need a good support team backing them. Mine had room for cooks, carpenters, electricians, record keepers, radio operators, etc.  After a rather lengthy interview, my husband was accepted as a construction team member (after 5 MI's, 6 strokes, & on home dialysis) & I was accepted as a "non-combatant" member of the medical team based on 40+ yrs. EMS/trauma ER experience. I cannot even walk w/o aid, but I can direct from a wheelchair if need be. Sometimes I feel our age & infirmities only add to the strength of our commitment: we have already faced our own mortality & chosen to do it "our way".  You might also look into something like "Wounded Warriors"; does not have to be a service-connected disability. A friend & former co-worker (Navy corpsman) for 20 yrs. is now completely paralyzed from the chest down due to an accident as a FF. He just returned from a week long hunting trip w/ his group & went deep sea fishing sev. times already this year. I was not active duty, but a civilian employee in a military ER & know the feeling of missed comeraderie; we were like family. Sounds like you could use a little, man.

I suffered a stroke in August and am partially disabled. I can barely walk and my left arm is useless at this point. my wife has a deteriorating back condition as well as other physical problems and is also disabled. I wish we could move to the country but can't afford to move. we are as prepared as we can be but not sure if we can hold out when they stick a tank cannon up to our house. they might kill us but we won't submit to the FEMA concentration camp!!!!!

Kudos to you also, Bob !  I, too, have no choice but to stay put. But rather than nostalgia for the "woman I USED to be", I see our disabilities as the strength of our commitment. Like a cornered animal: rather than run & hide, we have no choice but to stand our ground & fight like hell.

Bonnie, like you we will stand and fight like hell!!!!!

yer best oft staying away from Drs, THEY make A lot of mistakes n the gov't lets them claim, "Ooos", cept ur dead

JH is most likely a PNAC/DHS ops-same as JFK to 911 n many points in between, esp the advance of the police STATE

 Well I can't add anything to that because it is 100% correct.

The following is completely my view point and it very much dove-tails with the fine work done by Zen. This whole ploy that this is some kind of operation for our national security is a crock. It is a psychological warfare operation in nature. It is a mind control technique being passed off as a security operation and we the people are being manipulated by this administration, which is a legal term for administrative law, which is a totally unconstitutional form of law. He will use anything he can during this dangerous "exercise" to escalate this military operation.

Hasn't everything he ever said been 180 degrees opposite of what he actually does? Ahh..then I am not the only one who sees his not so clever technique of reverse speak. This is exactly what George Orwell predicted in his book 1984.

In that book the political "party" system came up with "newspeak" as a common technique to distort the truth into any color of law they found convenient to get the results they needed right on the spot. This is one of those newspeak operations. Get ready for a rapid escalation of this "excersize" into a deployment of the National Guard in every state, but don't worry it's all for your own good....after it turns out to be a disaster alright, one of his own making, he will predictably declare Martial Law, and put an end to the election in 2016 as he can do just about anything he wants under the color of law. This is going to reveal to the world exactly what he really is; a repressive socialist dictator. It's going to get ugly people.

There will be all kinds of dissent against his military maneuver. Many, if not the vast majority of our own troops and law enforcement will not fire on us. Constitutional Sheriffs will not obey so-called orders either, then the UN troops will move in to fill in the gaps where our troops won't fire on us.

The UN troops don't have the social bond that our troops do, so they will do as ordered by their own countries training and desensitized programming. Any additions to this series of thoughts are welcome, and try to get used to the TV brainwashing onslaught. Just beware of it as this escalates. It in fact has already started with snippets of information as this operation proceeds into a full deployment this summer.

The selected troops are to deployed into these southern border states communities under cover so that they will blend in to be forward observers; gathering information about who is who in each community and even befriending selected members of these towns/cities. They are already being trained, that is to say desensitized and mentally conditioned by psychological training to become our own worst nightmare. And thanks for reading this.

jade helm is the overt imposition of martial law designed to murder any citizen not willing to bow to satanic tyranny and especially anyone who speaks out in favor of morality and liberty!!!!!

Has anyone seen any reports lately? Or are all the assets in place waiting for the perfect opportunity to unleash wrath on America? One false flag attempt to cause some idiot to fire the first shot is all it'll take.


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