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Wow! I knew Morton had also done that, or something similar. I definitely admire the courage that it must take.

I am not an altruistic being and have no desire to be a martyr.

I am a veteran and disabled, I get my RX and healthcare, such as it is, at the VA and my wife reaches S.S. age within two years.

I owe $100,000 on my home and two acres and we have some credit card debt. I have been preparing for a serious socio-economic collapse. 

I am not happy with our current government, or any other one, that I know of and I want to minimize my public profile, not enlarge upon it.

That is who I am, Paw Paw, in the country, with a family to protect and provide for. I am prepared to fight and will not shrink from my duty.

I divorced by wife of 35 years, quit claimed our home 4 bedroom 3 bath 2300 sq ft to Aida, quit claimed our business medical on site interpreting, I have nothing of intrinsic value. Aida is afraid. Well shit, so what, so am I what difference does that make.

Toe the fucking mark.

I'm all in. All of my family(oldest daughter excepted) think I should shut up, stop making trouble, you can' fight city hall. Bullshit.

So, it is good you know who you are. Eliminate your public profile. Become private.

"Toe the f-ing mark"!  You don't throw down the gauntlet, Ronald! You slapped me in the face with it!

I try my best to pursue "rational self interest" and muddying the waters, of the few years remaining, for hard scrabble, struggle and controversy, seems dubious and counter-productive.

My thoughts are conflicted and I seriously want a better future for my grandchildren. Does freedom really have to mean, "Nothing Left To Lose"?

You have given me much to ponder and I thank you for getting away from that PC shit!

good you felt it.

I expect everyone to act  in their own best self interests and when they do and realize they are actually a US citizen Inc. PINO

and I do not advocate doing what I do. It is not for many maybe III%.

I believe you pretty much fit the mold of a separatist. Not for racial reasons but socio-economic, political ones.

Ronald is correct however, that any given assumption which goes un-rebutted, stands as truth in law. Hence the need to assert your status through affidavits of (separation, refuting of assumptions, power of attorney, name, citizenship status, etc.), all designed to preempt ANY assumption on the part of those who would assume the mantel of authority over you. That's all.

Can you tell us the answers to these questions Charles, or are you just asking the questions?

And people say I'm crazy ,they haven't seen anything on TV .I thank God for The Constitution Club and My Friend Winfred P Adams USAF major retired .I love you Paul ,your friend forever Jessene

this is interesting Jessene R Beecroft in the standard, when written in all lowercase it is in common law. did you know? your friend Winfred the retired Major is a unique individual. Major is the highest grade field officer in the military land forces. she may be in a group forced into RI,F because she would not state she would order her troops to fire on Americans. Remember Kent State.

She is also a US citizen inc because of her retirement. Unless she has taken the steps to become an I AM  an American National.

Have you jessene? Silence is acquiescence and you are not an individual with your inalienable rights. You are presumed to be a US citizen INC.

that whole group is PINO.


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