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When it comes to the military she is totally misguided.

This Girl is Sharp

So why should anyone listen to her? She says don't listen to others (the Gov't) but isn't she taking the stand of someone who should be governing? I hear the whole of what she is saying but I don't agree with some of what she says because I believe that the Gov't was set into place by God. Just because there are bad people exist doesn't mean there aren't good people.

I do agree that people need to stop playing the victims, expecting someone else to save us. People need to recognize truth and that starts with honestly judging ones self. You would think that people would become wiser with each mistake but it would seem they cannot see the way.

I totally feel her on the Righteous anger. Everyone should learn empathy for others, as if what happens to others is happening to themselves.

Ronald and Rosanna, why are the both of you having difficulty understanding what Josie is saying? Josie is not a misguided patriot who refuses to hold her hand over her heart during certain events etc.She is not trying to pretend to be a military expert and yes she needs to be heard. It is time for Americans to get their heads out of their collective asses and start thinking for themselves. Government was set in place by God? What the hell have you been drinking? She is not judging anyone but speaking the truth which you are unable to find. She is not angry, but concerned for her countrymen. Your mystical god to this day has not provided any relief for the misery that was created by him. The late great General Patton once said, the only way people will understand anything is to give it to them loud and dirty. I rest my case!

God has his government. Men have chosen theirs. Kissed any royal heinies lately, Rosanna?


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