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Kirkland's  thoughts. 

Facts its what we say because we follow the Constitution............ its not what they say. 
Before there is a crime to be -there must be a complaint or accused of a crime with a victim or property damage or a attack on the Constitution, , there must be a victim or property damage or a violation against the Constitution.

To be a actual crime. one of these elements must be in the allegations. and if its not, then no crime under common law, and under the Constitution. We the people must know the difference between commerce and the U.C.C. codes that the admiralty courts flag  operate under. versus common law that the Americans operate under our flag of the 49 states of the free union.. Two different flags, corporation and the four father flag. 

So therefore if you file a motion on jurisdiction - and to file a motion on the victims or property damage to come forward , under your due process clause- 4, 5, 6.  Actually under the Constitution and the bill of rights 1-10, then if they cant bring the victims forward , then they have no case under the American common law, as a private person and the due process clauses. 

Don’t forget if the judge act like the judge jury and executer then you have grounds on impartial conflict of interest.  A judge and a lawyer have definition  of there job. A judge cant be the attorney and act like a attorney one on one with you, this not his job, he  is the judge and the judge of the facts brought forward to him, and he suppose to rule with Constitutional rule under the article 6 paragraph  2.  

 But remember you must file at a timely matter, and make sure it recorded and documented, for the record, because this would be the collected evidence for the civil issues. And to own them and there car there house and there banks accounts , they don’t like it. 

 So therefore learn all the locked laws , the bill of rights. the government is under contract and if they can be proven that they broke the Contract then they can personally sue each individuals and own everything they have by the rule of law.  they think they have immunity or impunity but they don't, 1980 cases say they have way or lope hole for violating the Constitution.  

So make sure you know the contract your under, by the rule of law.  
They will throw out every case law to counter it but every one they throw out you is a rabbit trail and is a unconstitutional act , or unconstitutional case laws that are actually opinion from a judge that has been robbing people so long that he actually believe the cases they write.  Funny though.

  Any case  that was not brought forward to be a actual law made by the process is fraud and illegal.  .  It’s a fake fraud law that they utilize.  Remember the Constitution was created to limit there power among us, and its our duty to take them to the task to expose them and document there actions.

 And hold them accountable, and guess what you have to learn there game and do something, because a appointed attorney will play Attorneys ethic card saying he cant do what you want and file a motion alone for that telling the judge that he is on the judges side, you got make sure your assistant knows your the boss and you have many threshold question and declaratory Constitutional questions on your matter.  its a long process but its got to be done.  

 what you want.  But you got to  file everything in a timely matter and the assistant attorney will obstruct it because they are part of the game of fraud. 

 most of the time, I consider a attorney that does not comply to what you want then he is a spy...... he is most likely not even a true American, he portly a Canadian or a brit. or a Muslim .  or anyone who is not for our way of life. life liberty and justice for all.

  Not ruled by individual opinion and unconstitutional cases. Any case they compare has to be a case that is not a unconstitutional conflict , and if it is- you must declare it unconstitutional motion in the court process. , judges and lawyers have no authority when its fraud and illegal laws they operate on, actual law is a bill and a law has to have a governor to sign the law.

  but you will find that they don't have no authority under the flag that you have full authority .Fly our flag common law and Constitutional flag. versus the foreign flag with the gold trim. Facts support my thoughts and my discovery. 

 worth watching if you never watched it or not. 
 I can go on  for ever on the issues ..some  key words , threshold questions , declared question , never just verbal questions, always written and documented questions.

They do not like questions? they don't like motions on issues and they don't like affidavits filed.  
What is THRESHOLD? 1.Boundary if passed has different state of affairs existing. 
2. Maximum or minimum value serving as a benchmark to compare and guide any breach that can cause a review of a situation or redesigning the system.

Law Dictionary: What is THRESHOLD? definition of THRESHOLD (Black's Law Dictionary)

Great video Keith! I agree with virtually everything Josie is saying with the exceptions of being 'anti government' and obeying the 'powers that be'.

'We The People', first words in our Constitution are a direct indication that 'We' are the highest form of government and to say we are anti-government is like saying we are against our own authority as sovereign people. I am not anti-government, but against corruption and the elected servants in the DC money system that only wishes to strip away our rights and have blinded us to the fact that 'WE' are the highest form of government.

We don't need to be outlaws. The elected servants are the 'outlaws'. It is really up to us to be informed and know the Constitution and our true original Bill Of Rights and our job is to make sure that it is all enforced. 


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