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This is a short piece directly quoted from "The Blaze" (Title is my own)

Long Live King Obama

Dear President Obama,

Lord, Sultan, Emperor, Pharaoh, Caesar, God-king, Prince of the Americas, or whatever we’re supposed to call you. ‘President’ alone simply won’t suffice, will it, Your Grace? We had a thing called a president once, but that lowly office could scarcely contain your Majesty. You found that you couldn’t effectively govern while constrained by the rule of law, so you superseded it, just as you’ve done countless times before. This time you are waving your mighty scepter and magically granting de facto citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.

Incredibly, even after all of the scandals, corruption, lies, and deceits; even after this past week when we learned about the depth of your Obamacare deception; even after using the IRS to target your political opponents; even after letting your ambassador die in Benghazi and lying about it afterwards; even after dividing the nation and exploiting racial tensions for your own gain; even after six years of incompetence, dishonesty, conspiracy, and illegality; even after every law you’ve flouted, promise you’ve broken, and lie you’ve told, you still found a way to top yourself. In refusing to enforce our borders and uphold our immigration laws, you are now guilty of the most profound presidential power grab since Abraham Lincoln. This is a landmark moment, and I’m sure you’re proud of that fact.

Before you ascended to your Throne on High, you were allegedly a constitutional law professor, so I’m sure you’re quite familiar with Article II of the United States Constitution. This fascinating document details the powers of the Executive Branch, but conspicuously does not grant said branch the legal ability to formulate immigration policy through Presidential decree, and also does not vest in one man the monarchical authority to decide which laws will be enforced and which will be ignored based upon nothing more than the president’s political calculations.

But you know this. It’s the whole point, isn’t it, Your Holiness?

That’s what your followers don’t seem to understand, maybe because they’re too stupid — as your friend Gruber theorized — or maybe because they’re just naive. Either way, they think this amnesty plan is about being ‘compassionate’ towards illegal aliens. It’s kind of cute, really. They look through their rose-colored glasses at the naked despotism of your administration and see a well-meaning tyrant who’s just trying to help those poor foreigners find a home. The fact that you’re suddenly acquiring 5 million new Democrat voters and dramatically expanding the scope of your own authority in the process is just, in their feeble minds, an incidental byproduct of your magnanimity.

I’m sure you get quite a laugh when you think about how easy this is. Man, it’s like candy from a baby — or in this case, constitutional authority from Congress. You hit all the right notes to get the lemmings to cooperate. I watched that speech last night. It was a master class in obfuscation, false dichotomy, and deflection.

Without so much as a smirk, you claimed that Republicans refused to take ‘meaningful action’ on immigration, even though you had majorities in the House and Senate when you entered office and it was your own party who declined to address the issue. They could have passed any immigration bill they wanted, but they didn’t because they had a reelection to worry about, as did you. So you wait until the Republicans are about to be in control and you figure now is the perfect time to flood the job market with five million new workers, betraying your middle class constituency and blaming Republicans all the while.

Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

And, with no hint of irony, you attack Republicans for claiming you have no authority to act unilaterally on immigration, failing to mention that YOU have previously insisted TWENTY FIVE TIMES that you have no authority to act unilaterally on immigration. In just one example, you said, and I quote, “With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order — that’s just not the case.” A man more naïve than myself may have hoped to hear you address this blatant contradiction, but I knew better, my Lordship.

I did expect you to pull out the ‘prosecutorial discretion’ card. It’s an effective tactic, I’ll admit. Indeed, you do have the authority to prioritize deportations and even the authority to refuse to deport certain individuals. But sitting back and announcing that you won’t deport anyone who falls under whatever arbitrary guidelines you’ve set is a clear abdication of duty. Besides, prosecutorial discretion doesn’t give you the power to grant legal benefits or documentation of any kind to illegal aliens. That is, without a doubt, the sole responsibility of the legislative branch. Obviously.

And what about this notion that Republican presidents have issued similar executive orders? A remarkably brazen lie considering only a five second Google search debunks it, but you largely get away with it because it makes for a convenient talking point. As you know, Reagan and Bush wrote executive orders meant to enact and implement immigration policies legislated by Congress. You, on the other hand, have handed blanket amnesty to millions of illegal aliens directly in defiance of the legislative branch. You said so yourself. You’re only acting ‘because [the Democrat] Congress failed to act.’

Except that’s not how this works, Dear Leader. That’s not how a government with three branches works. Or that’s not how it’s supposed to work, anyway...

From a piece titled "Dear Mr. Obama, It must be nice to be King" - by Matt Walsh

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This is like deja vu. I could have written this letter to the courts (all state levels) a thousand times over for making their own laws to cover up Mom's murder, abuse Dad, steal their estate and victimize me for the crimes THEY are committing.

It just doesn't stop and nobody can make them clean up their sodom and gomorrah lives. But one day almighty Judge Yahweh will.  

Welcome to the Great American Revolution......

He's a traitor and a scumbag...that's all he is.... That's all he'll ever be. Our country is run by scumbags and crooks and murderers and traitors. Time to get rid of them all.

Yea Marty,

Consider just looking at the list Karl Marx and Frederik Engels considered in their "Communist Manifesto". Listen to the likes of Van Jones, then read "Rules for Radicals" - Saul Alinski. But mostly all you gotta do is look at what our federal government is doing NOW.

Government Indoctrination centers full of self named "Change Agents" instead of independent private shools

Social support for ALL KINDS of situations and levels of "income".

"Overwhelm the system" says Saul. That's exactly what we are doing.

"Break the system" from within using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.

Armies spread too thin? Money diluted to nothing? Corruption of the deepest kind at the highest levels? The Fed? Compound Interest and Fractional banking? No gold standard? In fact no standards at all? Collapse is imminent when these things occur. History has proven this true time and again.

"Give me control of a nations currency and I care not who makes the laws"

- The Baron Rothschild

Thanks 5War. I know that took some time. Problem is if I send this out to many, if they are an Obama lover they only see what they want to. They deny the truth right before them just like those that suck off each other in the judicial branch.

Hence the narrow and wide gated ticket people.

I don't know what thread to post this on so Keith or Morton you can copy and paste it where you think it will better suit the needs. I just sent this out to my email groups........

if any of you know Rod Class and what is going on there here is a new update.
He was released on Fri (?) and is now home on house arrest. This is a audio he just posted Tues (?) someone sent me, It is 30 min. 
He is of the mindset to learn their laws because they are NOT following any of them. (which we knew) Throw them in their face proving they are NOT honoring their own codes, statutes, constitution, rules, etc. and you have to do this on the public side not the private side.
This is what I and others have latched on too. When those are put on record or in hearings I can watch their faces morph into satan, their heads spin around like the exorcist and they transform into another creature. Then charge us with, contempt, remove us, discredit us, threaten or actually arrest us, steal and remove us from our loved ones. 
Yet here is Rod who did the same thing proving they are a rogue shadow imitation government acting outside the boundary of ANY moral law but baals. Yes this is spiritual warfare and satan is trying to take as many people with him as he can.
There isn't one person who was on the "ethical" side when this massacre started against my parents that isn't in bed with the cabal now, except me........... and I am praying to God to give me strength I won't sell out !!!!!
I hope you listen to this recording.  
Praise to God/Patriotic to the Republic
“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution and the
so the second will not become the legalized version of the first“. Thomas Jefferson


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