Hale versus Hinkel  is it actual law ?   if its in conflict with the Constitution then its not, but if it is not in conflict then its law.  what is a actual law, compared to a opinion or a statues or code or a so called law behind the color of law.   

Everything we do has a remedy and recourse at all operations of the courts, but they like to eliminate  the actual compact contract between the people- we the people, and enforce illegal contracts behind the scenes that is unconstitutional.  The rule of law is the Contract of the Constitutions of the states that are in harmony- when the joining of the union.  its bound and no other.

 If you don't know then they say what it is.  but however by enumerated laws the locked laws in the locked  contracts is the supreme law of the land , unless it is in conflict with any part of the Constitutions at state level or any level for that matter. 

Any unknown contract is illegal and is fraud and is treason by sedition its simple, this would include any case law a corrupt judge or lawyer implemented illegality.  if you ignore the contract of the states compact contract promise then this is fraud and a crime.     duane Kirkland......  the bill of rights advocate .........https://www.facebook.com/ThePoliticalInsider/videos/1405804252788325/

What's the merits of Hale v Hinkel ...  ?  https://www.facebook.com/ThePoliticalInsider/videos/1405804252788325/

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