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Government is the depository of power in any organized society. The vast majority of people in most societies on Earth are  subject to the ruling class.

The ruling class makes and enforces the laws and the subjects are compelled to obey the rulers or face serious consequences. With virtually every government on the planet, the rulers have all of the power and use it to benefit themselves at the expense of the people.

However, in a legitimate people's government such as that which we currently are supposed to have in America, the rulers are bound to obey the same laws as the rest of us. We are a society of "equal justice". If the people cannot lie, cheat or steal, those in the ruling class must also be restricted to the same standards. We cannot bestow upon government, any power which we do not already possess. In the united States we have a document known as the Constitution, which was written to create a society where there would only be one class and no one would have greater power than anyone else.

I believe this experiment in self government has failed. It has failed for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that there is a ruling class that uses the law to exploit and control the masses. Those we have elected to serve us have enslaved us with perpetual debt and never ending rules and regulations.

There can be no equality and justice in a society that rules from the top down. To be free we must learn to govern ourselves or we will surely be governed by others; the rich and powerful, Wall Street Bankers and Corporations, etc.

If the people had been responsible for watching over their government, the ruling class would have been kept in check and the people would be in control of their representatives. Instead, what we have today is an out of control government with all three branches running rampant over the people's rights.

The small central government envisioned by our founders to protect the life, liberty and property of the people has metastasized like a deadly cancer cell and is now threatening to destroy the people it was created to protect. This could have been prevented if we the people had forced our government officials to obey the rules created for all.

Supreme Court Justice John Marshall once stated "The power to tax is the power to destroy".

The Constitution expressly prohibits direct taxation without apportionment. Yet we are routinely compelled to give up our property under threat, duress and coercion by the IRS. What has happened to our rights?

The Judicial Branch of the government has become a tool in the hands of the ruling class to punish innocent people who have committed no crime. Ever since Marbury V. Madison and the insinuated power of "Judicial Review" the Supreme Court has been misinterpreting the Constitution.

So the courts are now used by our "rulers" to control their 14th Amendment "subjects". It is a statistical fact that America has more men and women in prison per capita than any other country in the world. What the hell is that all about? Why is this?

On top of that, our "government" schools resemble these prisons where our children go to be indoctrinated into "group think". They are taught to obey instead of questioning authority. They are taught to trust their teachers instead of their parents and do exactly what they are told instead of thinking for themselves. The Communist Manifesto supports government-run schools, but nowhere does the Constitution authorize this type of system.

One of the functions of government is to protect the people from monopolies and unfair and unlawful practices by individuals and corporations. Instead of punishing the criminals, the ruling class has become their business partners.

At one time there were tens of thousands of local newspapers that reported the news and kept people informed. They reported the news and let us draw our own conclusions.

Today virtually all of the news agencies are owned by only six major corporations. This is another consolidation of power against the people's ability to enforce the 1st Amendment. Everything we hear and see is now propaganda designed to control what we think of the world.

The founders knew that National Banks and Standing Armies were both extremely dangerous, and yet we are currently victims of both.

The President was assigned the task of being the Commander-in-Chief ONLY when "called into service" by a congressional declaration of war. During times of peace the office of Commander-in-Chief would remain vacant and no power would exist to thereby create Executive Orders, Presidential Proclamations, etc.

The Preamble to our Constitution states that:

 "in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general  welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Untied States of America."

The statement underlined in red does not authorize the government to engage in wars of aggression on foreign soil. The statement in blue does not authorize the government to engage in charity for some at the expense of others, by providing monetary benefits outlined by government rules and paid for by direct taxation on "income" without apportionment.

The House of Representative was created to guarantee that people  would be adequately represented and according to Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3; "The number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty thousand,..." Today the average Congressman represents over 700,000 people. This is unconstitutional.

So now, because we find ourselves operating in violation of this article and without adequate representation, the ruling class has managed to seize control of Congress, through controlled bribery, called "lobbying", for the sole benefit of the Wall Street Bankers and corporations and at the direct expense of the people. This is our MAIN problem in America today as far as I'm concerned and something must be done to correct it.

We MUST work to pass the original 1st proposed amendment and make it our new 28th Amendment to the Constitution for the people of the united states on American soil.

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I hate to keep bringing this up, but we are not being protected by the original Constitution 'for' the United States of America. We are being subjected to corporate bylaws of the constitution brought forth after the Civil War--a subterfuge, where it was changed to the Constitution 'of' the United states. 'Of' is possessive and means it belongs to Govco, not the people.

You can change every word of the latter to whatever you want and it still remains 'of the United States' and it still remains merely advisory in nature to be ignored when it pleases the Real Parties of Interest-the international banksters. Bush, Trump, Reagan, Clinton, Obama, etc. [all the way back to the institution of this new constitution] have been hand picked minions for the banksters plans to convince the slaves they are free while they are being milked and stepped on. If anyone doesn't believe that then go into court and ask the judge to protect your constitutionally guaranteed rights. You better bring your toothpaste when you do.

And...bring a barf-bag.  The "Constitution" (or Bill of Rights) in any form means nothing to these corrupt so-called "judges" sitting high-up in their arrogant pathetic robes.  They are spewed out from under the same pile of rocks that lawyers are and when their lips are moving...well, you know...

I've been involved with a few cases in which we alleged 5th and 14th Amendment violations for, inter alia, deprivation of property and due process rights.  You could almost hear the judge laugh under his/her breath if even recognizing such allegations if at all.

There have been other cases I'm aware of (which I can't recall specifically off hand but one I believe was in Washington State) where the judge literally said the Constitution has no place in their courtroom.  "Jurisdiction" we don't need no stinkin' jurisdiction...we are "gods" in black robes and you do what we say or we'll send the sheriff after you and throw you in jail...or better yet, have you murdered if you attempt to hold us accountable (but I digress).

The corruption of these so-called courts and the entire "judicial system" is complete.

"Land of the FREE and Home of the Slave"...welcome to "Serf City USA..."...

Sad, but all too true......somehow We, the People have to get the courage to do as the Declaration of Independence says; When the government turns against the people, the People can remove them from office!   We should have done that a long time ago!  Now it is more than likely way too late.  We have been very stupid folks!

provide for the common defensepromote the general  welfare

it does not say promote foreign wars of aggression and it does not say provide welfare to specific individuals. Providing benefits to individuals in need is called charity and it is not a function of government.


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