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Help Educate America
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Keith Broaders
1230 N Street #510
Sacramento, California 95814
Phone (916) 399-4881

If you had plenty of money, would you consider running for the City Council or the County Board of Supervisors? Would like to be able to fund the candidacy of a truly Constitutional County Sheriff?

If you would like to help create a vast sum of money that could be used to elect Constitutional candidates in your city, county and state, please call me at (961) 282-3271.

I can show you how you can raise over $10,000 a week to fund your efforts to restore the rule of law in your county.

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There is a website called  It's just getting started but they are taking pledges from candidates to uphold the Constitution.  Folks who know these candidates are being asked to certify them at this page!certify/cjj2.  Once they get it all together, Voters can check out who the Constitutional Candidates are, donate to their campaigns and vote for them. These candidates are all vetted.  My campaign has been endorsed by this group.  Another website that Voters can visit is: These candiates have also been vetted before being approved. My campaign was also endorsed by  There are more but for brevity I'll just add these two for starters.  

Not to burst your bubble, but I have, as many other people have, become jaded with so-called 'Constitutional' candidates, sheriff's or otherwise, espousing their hollow commitment to the Constitution, when in fact all they will really do is endorse the 2nd amendment, to hang with the rest, like stopping people without probable cause, forcing the public to give up their RIGHT of Freedom of travel for the so-called 'privileges' of a commercial driver's license, assisting the bank to foreclose on innocent people, kicking them out of their homes (a 73 year old man was gunned down right in his own home earlier this week by sheriffs deputies who were trespassing, entered without a lawful warrant, for the bank with a 'notice' of lien which will NEVER be lawful. Also, out of control cops and courts prosecuting innocent people for transactions between consenting adults who have supposedly violated a fictional 'State' when there is never an injured party coming forth.. it goes on and on... Unless you are actually (which I highly doubt) going to honor the entire Constitution, which means PROTECTING RIGHTS, NOT enforcing statues and policies, then you may want to take a closer look at what you say you are representing. This is not a little carnival for people who have grandiose ideas about public office. It SHOULD be about Constitutional RIGHTS, not just the 2nd amendment. And be fore-warned.. if you think you can say that, and back it up, that means you will be pitting yourself against the entire State, judges, the court, the county, local and State cops, the vehicle code, the D.A., and attorneys, who make a shit-load of money kidnapping and caging innocent people for so-called crimes against the state that have no victims. This ain't no disco.. this ain't no foolin' around ~ 

I am a Libertarian candidate and everything you said does not apply.  You might want to visit my website.  I am a regular person, not a career politician.  I am running to get rid of all of the above.  I cannot do it alone, but I will not support anything that takes away our rights.  I want to get our rights back!  I agree with the guy in the video below.

To Bad there is a shortage of people like this.

Andy Ostrowski


I agree 100%


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