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Keith Broaders
1230 N Street #510
Sacramento, California 95814
Phone (916) 399-4881

There are plenty of men and women in America today who believe in the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

The problem is that only those with large financial resources have even the slightest chance of getting elected. Unfortunately the people who win elections, often become enemies of the people who elect them. Politicians are employees, elected by the people to serve the financial elite.

If  someone you knew had the financial resources necessary, perhaps we could elect candidates in our local communities who would honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Unfortunately, most of the candidates we have to choose from, represent the banks and Wall Street corporations. We need men and women of integrity to represent the people so we can restore our Constitutional Republic.

It is estimated that over 20 billion dollars will be donated to Crowd Funding Projects in 2015 and I would like to see the lion's share of those donations go to men and women who are genuinely interested in funding projects which will promote peace, prosperity and freedom.

By harnessing the power of Crowd Funding technology, men and women of integrity will be able to defeat the criminals in control of our government.

Please take the time to study the Crowd Funding concept and share the idea with everyone you know so we can fund worthwhile projects which will be a blessing to humanity.

For more on this subject CLICK HERE.


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Hi Keith,

I am with Montana Land and Water Alliance, Inc.

We are fighting to save our water in MT.  You probably have heard about the CSKT Compact that is illegal and unconstitutional.  Well, due to some shady deals, it passed our legislature and now the law suits begin, or, have begun.

We are in desperate need of funds to pay our attorneys.

Are you using this Crowd Funding to collect funds for Friends of Liberty?  If so, is it working and are your goals being met?

I would like to join and send my first donation to our group here, but I really would like some feed back from you first.

Thanks so much,

Jan Rogers

Polson, MT


you better see the vidio clip[

A Bug's Life - ''Then they ALL might stand up to us''

We "the people" then is in for a rude awakening for the worse if the elected officials that suppose to work for us and think we are the ants...
This type of attitude and mentality needs to change, it is not a race problem it is a class war, in the bible says that we a our created equally under God and not science..


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