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The following letter is a sample of a letter that I suggest that you email to your County Sheriff. We need hundreds if not thousands of Patriots to send emails to their County Sheriff. We need to find out which of the Sheriffs are working for the people and which ones are working for the Federal government. Copy the following letter and send it to all of your friends and neighbors and ask them to do the same. Ask everyone to email their Sheriff and demand that he or she make a commitment to honor their oath of office.


Dear Sheriff ________________,

As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in _______________County you were required to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Having taken that oath I would like to know if you will honor your oath by refusing to enforce Federal rules, regulations and directives that violate the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights.

The Second Amendment clearly proclaims that the people have a right to own guns and in the Bill of Rights, the government is prohibited from infringing on the right of the people to own guns if they choose to do so. Your primary job is to preserve, protect and defend the Constiution and the rights of the people that live in ______________ our County.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Federal government has no lawful jurisdiction in the counties and that when a Sheriff chooses to enforce an unconstitutional directive, he is violating his Constitutional Oath.

The people of _______________ County are the employer and you are the employee and we expect you to represent us and not the Federal government. As your employer, I would like to know if you are given an order that violates the Constitution, will you honor your oath or will you do as directed by the President of the United States.



Keith Broaders

(951) 282-3271




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Thanks Keith, of technically the Sheriffs are not employ-ees, but officers, although  I do ":get your drift" as they say of they work for us, and are supposed to "protect" us from "other laws" like the U.S. Codes never 1-8-17 U.S. "Consent"ed to, of some people do TRY to over-ride the U.S. Constitution and not only the 2nd Amendment, but that of the 16th Amendment too, in that there is no enforcement clause in such, and with the phrase of "to lay and collect" too much emphasis is put on the latter word than the prior of to lay defined as either to impose*, as in a levy, or to apply as in a request of which I choose the more consumer-friendly version and say to the I.R.S. of: Request DENIED! (;-) M.83-50-D of their case against me won by me in Concord, N.H. back then using the info from Martin J. "Red" Beckman's book when he was here running for President.. But then U.S. Treasury agents do bamboozle as to "impose" their will of wants of wishes over what is the law! They "cozen" as in to try to trick or cheat others by this deception! of as I've spelled out over at: with some more details for some other counties here in New Hampshire over at: of the summary being, like if anybody can't access these pages as a non-member of thus to just see: and the Adams case of 1943 therein, of: Is that the U.S. Supreme Court case you refer to? and: for each and all fifty (50) states, as the requirements upon Uncle Sam are different, of like in  N..H. for the 40USC255 to 3112 agent as head of agency, like the G.S.A./ General Services Administration landlord for his tenants at any Federal Builing required by the "shall" word in N.H. R.S.A. Chapter 123:1 to have to file his papers with our N.H. Secretary of State, as compared to Florida of to the governor, and there being no filings in Penna., nor Texas and who knows how many more states, of I think that this needs to be looked into of BEFORE any citizen within that state writes to their County Sheriff(s) for a copy of their Oath(s) of Office, etc.  Happy New Year! -- Joe

No they are not! Greg. of the majority might ACT like them of to be lumped with the majority but not all of this "some"one of Dick Marple* here in New Hampshire.. See for the PRIVATE of the same goes for the PUBLIC or GOVERNMENT, of the by-laws in the latter be the constitution, of certain officers or officials are listed therein of they're the ones who take an oath, of NOT the janitor of the Federal building, etc. as they are only employees.  There's a definition of such somewhere I read, of one N.H. State Rep.* (of Hooksett)  refusing to have the Legislative Accounting Dept. take out that $xx.xx for to "donate" to "Uncle Sam", leaving him with only $185.xx from his Article 15 "compensation" of only $100/yr. x 2 = $200 per 2-year term, and "just compensation" he's claiming as per the pre-scribed contract going back to that of the Spanish silver coins, but that he'd take The Coinage of 1792 silver dolllars, but none of these FRNs as they do not technically "pay" him, and so for the employees too of the "lawful; money" by N.H. RSA Ch. 275:43,I but too many too "chicken shit "to claim such from the State Treasurer.


Please reference proof of this statement for me so I can send out this proposed letter to others.  Thanks, Beth 

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Federal government has no lawful jurisdiction in the counties and that when a Sheriff chooses to enforce an unconstitutional directive, he is violating his Constitutional Oath.

Thanks Keith for taking your time To set this up.

The above query echoed in PM to Friend Broaders ~6:00PM 02/09/2013.  :)

I'm wondering about the states that have removed the power of sheriff's in their state constitution.  For instance,I heard that in Cleveland, Oh they fired the sheriff & will appoint one rather than have an election.  I was told that this an be allowed to happen, because Ohio's Constitution had been changed in 1851!  I may check with the Sheriff's Association here, to find out.


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