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Dear Sheriff Jon Held,

I am concerned that this message may not have reached you. I am therefore including this Link as a start to encourage you to meet with me such that we may discuss your TRUE responsibility to THE PEOPLE of YOUR COUNTY and not to the Black Robed Bandits and their corporate minions. Do not be a corporate dupe. We are "Alice Through The Looking Glass" at this point and there is no more time for debate. We must meet soon. Also you should no I am Posting this Letter on my discussion forum site called The Constitution Club. Look into this matter quickly and please contact me so we may discuss other information of a most important nature.
Thank You for your time,
Sincerely Hoping,
Morton IX, Clan of William, House of The Son of Thom
ps -YOU IGNORE THIS MESSAGE AT YOUR OWN PERIL! We are not going away and we WILL be heard. You CAN'T stop us and the CABAL will not win. 
DECIDE NOW! Who's side are you on?
The people or the corporatized government Cabal. DECIDE!
Then make an appointment with me by calling me at
(724) XXX-XXXX

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Thanks for continuing to spread the word, Arnie.  You are tireless and appreciated.  Not too many are making themselves available 24/7

I look forward to meeting the Sheriff of Collin County, Texas.

I am also willing to meet the sheriffs of Rockwall, Grayson and Denton Counties,

but unfortunately the Dallas County Sheriff is a Lesbian Liberal, who's word I could not trust.

I will serve how I can, Mort, but I would appreciate some guidance.

Was my post edited?

I thought I said, "WALK the TALK", meaning back up what you say you believe.

Most of us are considerably past our prime and more than a little over our fighting weight.

I am capable of setting a perimeter and manning a post, but my hard charging days are long past.

In short, I am not going to Oregon or West Virginia, with my bird gun, to stand against tanks and helicopters,

but if I can help move a worthy cause forward, I am willing to contribute what I can, from meager resources,

already taxed by a recent move out of the city, where at least, I can have a garden and a few chickens.

Any kid living in his mom's house can "talk the talk".

!,000 yards, with a 16' barrel carbine?  Really?

I would be lucky to hit a parked vehicle at 300 yards.

An effective range for most people is about 75 -100 yards, with a .308 carbine. It's worse with 7.62 X 39 crap ammo.

You must load your own.

All fixed Fred

I have some reading to do, some of which is confusing,

but I need to have the definitions down pat, to really understand the content, so it takes me a little longer, than some,

but I will prepare and get going, post haste!

Can we afford to wait any longer???

When a country has evil leaders there apt to do anything to keep people silent. Ranchers do Matter to good people; the key word here is Good. Our government is being hijacked by the most evil agenda and the Politically Correct Knife that is helping the Islamic beheading of America.

No more keyboard warriors....Yea!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn, most of the "keyboard warriors" are guys that remember their younger days, when they could be a force to be reckoned with,

and the bravado they present is more to reassure themselves, than to impress others.

Sure, some is over the top ego appeasing boasting & BS, but most made a contribution, at one time, or another. 

Very few actually fled to Canada and I doubt they post here.

Actually my comment was in response to someone who said the people who post on here are keyboard warriors. It was meant in the best of ways, as a response to the term keyboard warriors which I felt was sarcastic.

I believe Mort is significantly contributing and it takes time to get things done. Kind of like the Revolutionary War. So you totally misinterpreted my comment.

As for myself, I am hoping that a movement will begin to overthrow the tyranny.

And I said nothing about fleeing to Canada, so...a more complete description of my comment has now been clarified. 

Well, I'm sure I misread your meaning,,," keyboard warriors", conjured up images of armchair Quarterbacks!

My statement about those that fled to Canada was to imply cowardice and while we endure an occasional exercise in bravado, here... I believe most, if not all posters  on this site, have their hearts in the right place.

I am like you Marilyn, just someone trying to get on board and contribute in some way.

Thank you for your comments. You caused me to stop and think and that's good.


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