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Dear Sheriff Jon Held,

I am concerned that this message may not have reached you. I am therefore including this Link as a start to encourage you to meet with me such that we may discuss your TRUE responsibility to THE PEOPLE of YOUR COUNTY and not to the Black Robed Bandits and their corporate minions. Do not be a corporate dupe. We are "Alice Through The Looking Glass" at this point and there is no more time for debate. We must meet soon. Also you should no I am Posting this Letter on my discussion forum site called The Constitution Club. Look into this matter quickly and please contact me so we may discuss other information of a most important nature.
Thank You for your time,
Sincerely Hoping,
Morton IX, Clan of William, House of The Son of Thom
ps -YOU IGNORE THIS MESSAGE AT YOUR OWN PERIL! We are not going away and we WILL be heard. You CAN'T stop us and the CABAL will not win. 
DECIDE NOW! Who's side are you on?
The people or the corporatized government Cabal. DECIDE!
Then make an appointment with me by calling me at
(724) XXX-XXXX

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Sorry to report there is no lawful government. Has not been one at least since the 1860's.

How long?  How Long will we just stand here?

Thanks for the links lis.


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