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I decided to start taking action and making moves to begin the long and arduous path to taking our government to task and hold their feet to the proverbial fire.

So in that vane I will start with a letter to my distinguished and effervescent cousin Regina.

Dear Regina,

I wanted a chance to perhaps make some headway in to that stubborn little head of yours. That same head that refuses to even LOOK at the evidence. So I am writing, (typing), this letter to you with a few goals in mind. To whit:

  1. To convince you without any shadow of a doubt that I can send you a letter for THREE CENTS! This letter will have gotten to you with that exact postage, thus revealing the FRAUD!
  2. To show you by the evidence on the outside of the envelope exactly HOW to do it. It is not rocket science.
  3. To convince you by this very evidence of "Constructive Fraud" to look into some of my other opinions/writings. My hope is that you will accept a free lifetime membership in The Constitution Club as my Christmas present to you.
  4. To make sure that you know without any shadow of a doubt, that YOU are being defrauded.
  5. That you know how deep the fraud goes. It starts with your "Certificate of Live Birth" through your "driver's license", SSN, bank account and "employment", right through to your "mortgage", (Translation? - "death-pact"), and goes all the way to the day you die AND BEYOND! Ever heard of "Probate Court"?And Finally;
  6.  That you know for sure that I can prove everything I say and ALL of the courthouses, judges, police, too many Sheriffs, and every "Corporation" City/County government is complicit in conspiring to make sure you NEVER LEARN THIS!

You have been duped your whole life, AND I CAN PROVE IT!

For those who have not seen this done, here is how you should address your envelope to me and all others from now on:

Morton Thomson Jr.

c/o Number and Street (no abbreviations)

my Town, Pennsylvania Republic (no abbreviations)

usA, Non-Domestic

Your return address MUST look the same for this to work.


Come visit my site. See what I have to say. Read a couple articles. Maybe even reply to a couple. That way you can tell me that you think I'm crazy and I don't have a clue what I'm talking about right there in the article's reply box. Expect an invitation in your email.

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Every Christmas card I've sent this year 3 cent postage in the hope of accomplishing this same goal . Two returns with request for additional postage from poastmasters who don't have a clue . They will be getting summonses . Title 18 sec 1341 +1342 , etc.

This exactly what we haven't been doing , PROSECUTING ! Now cuff'm Dano !

Gosh how long does it take to educate people? This has been posted so many times and it has worked for me all the time. The people who fail are probably the ones THROWING it in their faces... Be smart don't tip your hat and be quiet not boisterous.

BTW it is 18 USC 1726.

Does anybody really know why 3/2 cents is still applicable????

thanks Rosanna . The 37th congress Sessioin111 said so , saying that all drop letters mailed in the " states " postage would ALWAYS be 3 cents and that anyone charging more were in trouble , chargeable .

Google it you'll find it. I found it under Two-cent postage . It is non- domestic mail

USC-207 bk.12 Statutes at large , Chapter 71 section 23

This is really gonna be fun ; it may be a happy new year after all .


You get the prize!!! I knew the answer I just wanted to see if anybody else did. It goes on all my mailings. Also include 18 USC 1726 E.S.D

Once the idiots sold our POST OFFICE away to a foreign corp, doing business as USPS, they have to honor the EXCISTING laws on the books. This means you can NOT use CODES on your envelopes (state, streets, etc abbr are codes. Zip codes are CODES, etc) ... The authority you do NOT have to use zip codes is under "zip code excempt" - DMM 602 1.3 e.(2) but you have to spell everything out. I put this law on my envelopes too. 

I studied this in great detail. I still have more research to do about 2 vs 3 cent but I don't have the time now. I am dealing with murders of both my parents, elder abuse, theft and victimizing me cause I won't shut up.

Dad's service was on Dec. 19, 2015. What I know is this, Dad did NOT have to die at this time. They did this by forced drugging to steal my parents estate. They killed my Dad. You will see in the video he can't barely walk around the counter of the A/L home because they loaded him on drugs after he tried to kill himself, a few months after they abducted him.
Memories and Comments
Please click on the Memorial Video icon to the right and watch it. Feel free to leave a comment if you are moved to do so.
The video says "most people yearn to have a legacy, something of themselves to pass down from generation to generation as a way to continue their story"... My parents were denied this right by the Bellefontaine and Logan County Ohio sociopathic narcissistic  government. I want to know why they are still in office, getting paid with OUR money and not in prison?????  
What happened to our REPRESENTATION guaranteed by the ConstitutionS? Nobody is even attempting to right this evil. They just act like it doesn't exist.
Warrior for God and devoted daughter
Rosanna Miller interview from 7/23/15

thanks again ; I've had my own problems with the Medical Industrial Complex killing my 12 yr. old grandson , organ harvesting / palliative care , abortion , planned parenthood ; and  the hate runs deep in this heart .

My condolences to you and yours .

This post by Mort is a blessing ; who ever thought a little stamp could cause so much havoc ;  no one before  has advocated prosecuting these corrupt criminal because we frankly just didn't know how ; how hard is it to write a letter , have it notarized and take it to the clerk/judge . You know , file that affidavit with the court ( get that receipt )

You have no idea how many NOTARIZED AFFIDAVITS I have filed in court and elsewhere...That is why they hate/discriminate against me I have MADE MY RECORD with EXHIBITED facts NOT accusations.

Sorry bout your loss too.

At Dad's service I said from the beginning of time the innocent have died (or injured) by the guilty. How many from the Bible can you name? Look at Jesus? But know judgment is on its way.....Rev 6:9-11 and God keeps his word.... 

Hey who needs cards ; get piece of paper , write something appropriate onit , fold it over and seal it with a 3 cent stamp ... address it the way you need to and post it ; no envelope necessary . That's a real drop letter .

Good luck and HNY .

Try your local County Commisioner


TOOOOOOOOOOooooooo funny...

Good idea.

yep the battle of Athens 1948

How bout VIDEOS from the oppressed???????????????

This song FITS their "cold as ice" personality... Notice at the end it says we will take Mother???? Featuring judge/atty Brady, GAL/atty Traul, Guardian/atty Fansler and abuser/killer Jim.
To me it represents the cabal dancing their "ritual" to steal our lives, liberty and property. I thought it was perfect...
(1 min) it is best viewed in full screen mode....................(u might have to copy and paste the link in your browser)
Merry Christmas.... Keep banging away....and go for the ROOT......
PS If this doesn't open someone let me know.. I hope it will brighten your day.
Morton I couldn't find how to load the video open.. Maybe on this one it can't. If you do I would appreciate it.  I'm working on the supplemental for Dad's murder investigation to the police dept. I will post this soon. You will not believe HOSPICE is an open door to murder people. Even if you have NO terminal illness to be signed up. Who is next?  


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