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I decided to start taking action and making moves to begin the long and arduous path to taking our government to task and hold their feet to the proverbial fire.

So in that vane I will start with a letter to my distinguished and effervescent cousin Regina.

Dear Regina,

I wanted a chance to perhaps make some headway in to that stubborn little head of yours. That same head that refuses to even LOOK at the evidence. So I am writing, (typing), this letter to you with a few goals in mind. To whit:

  1. To convince you without any shadow of a doubt that I can send you a letter for THREE CENTS! This letter will have gotten to you with that exact postage, thus revealing the FRAUD!
  2. To show you by the evidence on the outside of the envelope exactly HOW to do it. It is not rocket science.
  3. To convince you by this very evidence of "Constructive Fraud" to look into some of my other opinions/writings. My hope is that you will accept a free lifetime membership in The Constitution Club as my Christmas present to you.
  4. To make sure that you know without any shadow of a doubt, that YOU are being defrauded.
  5. That you know how deep the fraud goes. It starts with your "Certificate of Live Birth" through your "driver's license", SSN, bank account and "employment", right through to your "mortgage", (Translation? - "death-pact"), and goes all the way to the day you die AND BEYOND! Ever heard of "Probate Court"?And Finally;
  6.  That you know for sure that I can prove everything I say and ALL of the courthouses, judges, police, too many Sheriffs, and every "Corporation" City/County government is complicit in conspiring to make sure you NEVER LEARN THIS!

You have been duped your whole life, AND I CAN PROVE IT!

For those who have not seen this done, here is how you should address your envelope to me and all others from now on:

Morton Thomson Jr.

c/o Number and Street (no abbreviations)

my Town, Pennsylvania Republic (no abbreviations)

usA, Non-Domestic

Your return address MUST look the same for this to work.


Come visit my site. See what I have to say. Read a couple articles. Maybe even reply to a couple. That way you can tell me that you think I'm crazy and I don't have a clue what I'm talking about right there in the article's reply box. Expect an invitation in your email.

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Well I just memorialized my father on the 14th Rosanna.

He died of complications due to cancer with his family by his side and he was 79. Plenty old I suppose, but far too young to die if you ask me. My condolences to the loss of your father as well.

Sorry about your loss. 

I will say dying of your own time for whatever you are doomed to get is completely different than dying by someone else's hands and then walking free and getting paid for it.

But yes in the end death is ALL satan's work....

Congress has the power to set any price it wants on postage - so what is this 3 cents thing about?

About the birth certificate issue:  Why go there.  It is easy to prove the gov has been pretending that everyone is a 'citizen of the United States' for decades and the courts have always correctly ruled that these people have almost no rights.

Finally, we are engaged in a civil war.  Even the 14th clearly protects the right to due process before the loss of life, liberty or property.  Cops often murder people without clear justification as a matter of official policy.

2nd - In a great number of situations today, the gov has an official policy of taking property without due process or even offering so much as a judicial post deprivation hearing.  There is not even any pretense of due process.

Since the due process is defined as an absolute right even for federal citizens, the only way the state and fed gov's could institute a policy of declaring that right which is constitutionally guaranteed is an act of war because only by an act of war can the gov declare itself and its rules and not the constitution the highest law.

We are living in a time when the communists / marxists have completely taken over everything below some of the fed appeals courts.  Please see attachment.  The communists own the Bar Ass.


UHHHHHH no I think the corporation known as the USPS sets the postage on their CODED  mail.... I don't think congress can tell a corporation what to charge..

Somebody jump in here. Am I wrong?

It's real simple Bill. Look it up

USC-207 bk.12 Statutes at large , Chapter 71 section 23.

Watch the video Bill

I found the letter he was reading at

I hope someone will let me know if they find: USC 12 Stat 701, Chapt. LXXI.  As per law, it is irrelevant if you spell out the state or use a zip code.  Also. a law passed at any time is merely a law and is subject to modification or repeal during the next legislative section.

Answers are here...

There is even a court decision here.

they can't make a new law once they sell it to a corporation. They would have to take the post office control back first.. I fail to see what is so hard about this.

Access requires special authorization.  I would like to see the actual USC that stands as current law.  As I stated, laws are temporary and exist at the discretion of the legislature that creates them. Thanks anyway.

Sadly, the gov, now under communist / marxist control has declared that all our constitutions are for their discretionary observance. That gov policy now trumps the constitutions.  That is a declared state of civil war.

I tried to open up to see and hear the 3-cent postage video, to watch direct-ly from youtube as at the end of this 6:49-minute video but that it wouldn't connect.  Can you get the actual link?  I remember reading this back in the 1980s and did do what the writer said to do and it in a #6 or #10 envelope was delivered locally for only 2-cents.  To a local Post Office box within the SAME building. That was in Ashland, N.H.  Since moving to Concord the City Post Office did (past tense) have a local mail slot, but then turned it into a general mail slot so that we have two slots for regular letters and that turning barrel one for packages.  Has anybody done this lately? / / / / / Edit, Here it is: with 2,063 hits, at the end of THIS by the DIRECT; ___ (later) & " . BTW, that's supposed to be UCC 1-207, not "USC". "

Short and sweet Joseph. Here is the EXACT format for success,

First name, Last name

House number, Street name

City, State, (spelled out, no abbreviations)

usA, Non-Domestic

That's it. Nothing complicated or mysterious.

Optionally at the bottom after usA Non-Domestic you can add

Without reservation UCC 1-308, (Not necessary)

Both send and return addresses must follow this format or it will not work.

And to answer your question; YES it does actually work as I have done it more than once myself with a 3 cent stamp, no problems with insufficient postage. Across the town OR across the country. No matter.

If you need more to assure you that this is the truth, you can click here.


Merry Christmas to you and yours from New Mexico. Yes I said Merry Christmas NOT Happy Holidays It pisses me off that some people are so worried about offending other cultures and beliefs.  One of the things that make America great is our different races , cultures, and religions and the freedom to express those beliefs. If they don't like it LEAVE.  I was also wondering about our birth certificate numbers and the trusts associated with it. Has anyone been able to get their trusts. I've been ignorant for too many years and I'm taking in and learning everything I can so Thank You Morton and  everyone else for showing me the light ..may God bless.

James, If I may address your questions;

Your "Berth" number and the "trust" associated with it is registered with Dunn & Bradstreet and is traded on the open Stock Market like any other standard commodity. You must Lien that "Strawman's" "estate" and then go about reclaiming your own "identity" as executor of the liened estate. In truth the process being levied now from the House of Curry and the likes of Judge Anna Von Reitz in the form of a 279 TRILLION dollar lien against the "Corporate UNITED STATES" is one way to at least get somebody's attention. Soon the "Lame Stream" media will no longer be able to ignore the truth. Soon everyone will know what we know.

"You can't get away with lying forever; for in the end, the truth will always win out" - Mom


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