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The hardest thing in the world to do is to accomplish a lot AND lead others to do the same at the same time. You must not only be willing to learn the learning and talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. To do that we must all choose a wall to knock down and begin the exacting process of convicting the wrong-doers. I will be choosing the "Right to Travel" issue and will show everyone else who wishes to know, exactly how to go about securing this right.

Just so all who read this knows, it is currently 1:55 am est. This is the only time I can do this. I work for myself full time 12/7 for at least the next thirty days. I'm doing this voluntarily of my own accord because I believe in the cause of true freedom. I almost never get more than three hours sleep. Try that for a few years. I'm not bragging, this is just my life, if you want to call it that. I could use a break. I have to be at work by 4 am if I'm going to get anything done today. However,

On to the issue at hand;

Right to Travel - Forms

is only a link because I have already written up some forms designed to establish Prime Facie evidence of the "fraud". So enjoy the reminder. I will soon follow with other info later.

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What if the gov has has been taken over by the communists / marxists on behalf of some undisclosed country and using our own police and courts, via the Bar ASS it has infiltrated and taken over the gov and then declared war upon all Americans that are not part of their agenda and all trial courts are now acting as military courts for an undisclosed conquering organization.

Now suppose that conquering organization / country has declared under their war powers doctrine that the conquered people are not to have the right to travel.


Have you or others used this approach with success ?

Yes. There is a gentleman here who knows a thing or two.

Watch the Video

I have not found anything that will work in Oregon courts.  The current military judges will not hesitate to ignore American rules of due process even when shown where they are codified in the statutes.  Instead they simply impose the current policy of the occupiers.

The evidence is that whether we realize it or not, we are at war because only an occupying force can ignore the constitutions and the laws made in harmony with them.  In this case. our own gov has been co-opted and is being used as the occupying force.

The only real question now is, 'what country or international organization does it represent?'

You mean the system Bill?

You're right. That is what they do. They enforce policy. Code policy. That's why I call their men in uniform, "Policy Enforcers" not "Police Officers". They will always be referred to as that by me.

You will find that every word you use with "them"  is important. They will attempt trickery and deceit with their words. You must have a language made from plain English that "they" must now learn in order to "interact" with you. Let them be the ones who must prove what they say.

Watch the whole series of Rich Iverson videos. ALL of them. His methods of doing battle with "the man" is a perfect example of how deal with these people, one at a time.

Try not look at "Gov" like some force that we need a "Superman" to do battle with. You must "interact" with a person when you deal with "the gov". Each and every one of those persons are personally responsible to the law. They must be individually prosecuted for their crimes against you, not seen as one part of a huge conglomerate that you haven't got a chance in Hell of beating. 

Everyone is afraid of the IRS. "They" will take my house, my car, my retirement fund, raid my house, take my computer, ruin my life and audit my Grandchildren. We forget too easily, that "they" is made up of he's and she's, her's and him's. People, just like you. Americans with a life and all the same problems and taxes as you. And they all have to follow the law, just like you. You have to know how to bait then into doing just that.

You must learn to talk the talk of a free man, walk the walk of a free man, live the life of a free man. Then and only then will you be able to stand in the enemy's lair and defend the status of that free man. You will not need "Council".

The point I was trying to make is this:   The evidence points to the fact that what was our gov has been occupied and co-opted by some undisclosed communist / marxist foreign power that is imposing law outside our constitutions.  This makes the cops the front line military for a foreign power and all the trial courts are nothing more than military courts for this undisclosed power that has co-opted them to impose its will.

What do you suggest we do then Bill?

Understand exactly the presumptions the gov is claiming to make and confront them head on in court by nailing them on specific due process violations as defined in court cases and in the statutes.  Show where the gov has an official policy of denial of due process.  Use that to challenge conviction in the fed appeals courts [ state courts are totally owned by the communists ] and make the claim that institutionalized policies of due process denials are an act of war because only by an act of war can the gov institute policies that blatantly defy the constitution and clear statutory commands.   Under such conditions the appeals courts might order congress to make corrections and even remove some judges for bad behavior.


That was one way to approach it I suppose Bill.

But again, I believe we must get more specific as to whom is "Them". More properly, Who are "they"? This is where I believe we must go in order to achieve anything.

You have to show a single or group of criminals doing provable injury to you directly so you can said to have "standing", and having suffered have need of recourse or remedy for your injuries even to the point of sending the offender to jail for his/her crimes against you. Court cases 101. Corpus Delecti, etcetera, etcetera.

If the building inspector says to you, "You need a permit for that improvement a-b-c, on your own property cause I signed this order that says so." Right there you've got him. There is the guy you need to interact with and take to task for any violations of your protected rights. PERIOD!

ONE guy. NOT "the gov". If HE says something is law and HE said so, HE must offer up the evidence that he is right and you are in fact guilty. HE must prove the authority or "jurisdiction" for HIS actions. If you are successful in proving that HE is wrong and you are in fact right and you win your lawful case against this ONE guy, others in other gov positions will begin to run for the hills, when confronted in a similar manner.

In this way alone, you CAN win. If you keep looking at the "war" like it's "us" against "them", you CANNOT win. You CANNOT sue "THEM". You must take "THEM" on, ONE at a time for THEIR own violations and be sure and let it be known to them in your notices that;



P.S. - If you MUST prosecute a group, you have to remember that you must also now prove that they were working (conspiring) together to do harm and you also must prove each and very person's involvement in the crime. 

This is not the usual case. You can always insist on dealing with whomever claims to have the singular authority to make the final call as to "the laws" and their application.

You can make sure that their is one guy/gal willing to step up and say "I am the authority." "My badge number says so."

Civil forfeiture where they take money on the spot with no evidence, warrant or hearing.  This is done under official policy by both state and fed police agencies.  This violates even the due process clause of the 14th and this, since being done under official gov policy, is an act of war since it is done in clear defiance of the fed constitution.

As to your question, I think we both know the answer to that.

The Pope and the Vatican in general are controlling the international bankers or the other way around. Either way they're in bed together cooking up new and innovative ways to control the world and be at the head of the "New World Order".

Take your money out of the bank. Most people are starting to get real brainwashed by this "direct deposit", "credit world convenience" that is the "new money" system. Everyone thinks it's great that everything is so automatic and hassle free. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Are we having fun yet?

Take your money OUT of the bank. Never let them hold it again!

the Pope and the Vatican  ??????????????


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